In Istanbul, electricity is generated from air flows from transport

    05 Oct 2021

    Wind turbines have been installed in Istanbul that generate electricity using the turbulence of airflow from transport, the Independent reports.

    Turbines are called “Enlil” in honor of the god of wind from Sumerian-Akkadian mythology. They were developed by the startup Deveci Tech together with Istanbul Technical University.



    It is a vertical turbine that rotates due to the flow of air from the vehicle, converting mechanical energy into electrical energy. In addition, a solar panel is installed on top. Sensors for monitoring temperature, humidity, carbon content and seismic activity are also built into the design.

    Due to its small size, Enlil can be installed in places unsuitable for traditional turbines, such as near roads or on the roofs of high-rise buildings. In particular, such windmills were placed on separate lanes between the dedicated lanes for city buses. Test models began to be installed in 2017.


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