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    Young people worldwide believe that humanity is doomed due to climate change – research
    22 Dec 2021

    Young people worldwide are pessimistic about the future of humanity due to global climate change and believe that governments are not doing enough to solve this problem, a study published in the scientific journal The Lancet Planetary Health shows. The survey involved 10 thousand respondents aged 16 to 25 years from Australia, Brazil, Great Britain, […]

    The historian Rutger Bregman: Most people aren’t scared enough by climate change

    The Dutch historian and futurist Rutger Bregman stated for New York Times that most people still do not understand the dangers of climate change and underestimate the severity of the transformations that need to be carried out in the economy. He said this during a conversation with journalist Kara Swisher in the Sway project of […]

    Opinion: let’s make Earth great before colonizing Mars

    It’s time we introspect if we are morally and socially eligible to inhabit worlds when we are competing for our own destruction in our beautiful blue planet, the only place we can call it home, claims Jaykhosh Chidambaran in his article for the Arabian Stories. Mark Watney, the stranded astronaut and protagonist of the book […]

    “Robot, bring me back my salary!” What professions will be in demand in the future

    The future has moved from the “beautiful distant” to the foreseeable tomorrow. Robots and software have gone so far forward that we will see changes in the next five years. The main thing is not to learn about a breakthrough in science from the document about your layoff on redundancy. This means that you need […]

    New Utopianism: what future can we meet the day after tomorrow

    Forty years ago, punk rock band confidently proclaimed that there was no future. In the next decade, society began to argue about the coming of cyborgs, gladly using personal computers. After some time, Soviet socialism was laid out, and the end of history (according to Francis Fukuyama – Ecolife) began. With the appearance of the […]

    How to save nature without running away from society: lessons from three movies

    Today we will devote our review to three movies with a common theme – how far is a person protesting against a consumer society ready to go? This topic has been exciting the minds for many years, and one of its most striking manifestos is the book “Walden; or, Life in the Woods” by Henry […]