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    “Woman at War”: Icelandic film about non-standard nature protection

    We used to watch movies about nature primarily as documentaries. Thanks to the first ones, such as the BBC or Cousteau‘s films in the 1980s, some species of plants and animals were filmed for the first time in history. In the “Symphony of the Rainforest” movie in the early 1990s, Marian variegated pigeon was filmed […]

    Two climate activists halted operations at the world’s largest coal port
    13 Dec 2021

    Let’s read the story that first appeared in Common Dreams. The described method to stop a coal port does highlight the fact that this port exports 158 million tonnes of coal a year. This action also shows how vulnerable the industrial system is. It can be stopped when two people have the courage to throw […]

    Environmental activists in Europe blocked Amazon’s centers on Black Friday due to excessive consumption

    On Friday, November 26, the environmental group Extinction Rebellion blocked the entrances to 13 Amazon distribution centers in the UK (including its largest one, in the Scottish town of Dunfermline) and one each in Germany and the Netherlands, the BBC and Reuters reported. Police arrested five people at a protest in Dartford and 17 in […]

    Protest camp: how activists stop the eco-catastrophe on the Baltic coast

    In the Leningrad region of the Russian Federation, activists set up a camp to protect the forest. They say that the local ecosystem is threatened by the illegal construction of the Primorsky Universal Transshipment Complex (Primorsky UPC).     The forest has been mercilessly cut down for the third year in a row for the […]

    What is the “3.5% rule” beloved of climate protesters?
    27 Nov 2021

    Mobilizing a certain proportion of the population will not guarantee a movement’s success, believe The Economist journalists. Let’s get through their opinion. Last weekend, 100,000 activists marched through Glasgow, where the UN’s climate summit was taking place, demanding that governments do more to tackle global warming. Many carried the banners of the Extinction Rebellion (XR), […]

    Thousands protest in a dry riverbed in central Iran

    Thousands of Iranians gathered in a dried-up riverbed in the central city of Isfahan to protest mismanagement of water resources, state media reported. Farmers and their supporters carried signs reading “Where is my Zayandeh River?” as they stood on the cracked ground where the Zayandehrood River once flowed, next to the famous Khaju bridge, Rudaw […]

    Water protests show Iran’s minorities can be a powerful force

    Since July 15, protesters in the Khuzestan province of Iran have been demonstrating against the government’s mishandling of scarce water resources. Social media is filled with videos, many of which show unarmed civilians confronting armed security forces. After almost two weeks of these demonstrations, several people have been killed and hundreds more arrested. Let’s get […]

    It’s all about water. Bloody riots have erupted in Iran over water problems, some protesters dead

    Iranian people suffer from the worst drought in 50 years, with precipitation falling by 52% since 2020. There is not enough water for both agriculture and people. There are widespread riots in Iran over water supply problems. The victims of clashes with security forces are counted from 2 to 6 people. Protests are taking place […]

    Iran water crisis protests: young man killed

    A young man was shot dead during a second night of protests over water shortages in southwest Iran, a local official said on July 17, blaming armed protesters for the shooting, Reuters reports according to the state news agency IRNA. Iran is facing its worst drought in 50 years, with protests breaking out in several […]