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    Let’s watch a few eco-films!
    23 May 2022

    Plastic Planet, 2009 We live in the age of plastic. It’s cheap and practical, and it’s everywhere – even in our blood. But is it safe for us? This exciting, informative documentary takes us on a journey around the world: from the Moroccan Sahara to the mid-Pacific, from a factory in China to the highest […]

    How to beat plastic pollution before it destroys us

    Dubai Can initiative and levy on single-use plastic bags will help reduce our dependence Plastic is so cheap and durable that it’s used to manufacture almost everything. Look around you, and you will find that plastic has become an integral part of our lives. What makes plastic dangerous is that it’s not easily degradable. That’s why it’s […]

    Ministry removes 125 tonnes of waste from northern beaches of Qatar

    The Ministry of Municipality, represented by the Beaches and Islands Department of the General Cleanliness Department, completed the first phase of the campaign to clean the northern and northwestern beaches, starting from Aba Zulouf Park to Al Reem Reserve, Qatar-Tribune reports.     The campaign resulted in the collection and removal of large quantities of […]

    The British do not buy bags in stores because they save, not worry about the planet – research

    The decline in the use of disposable plastic bags in the UK is due to people’s desire to save, not to care for the environment. This is evidenced by a large study by the University of Nottingham Business School,  The Guardian reports. An analysis of nearly 1.3 million transactions showed that plastic bags are mostly […]

    Turkey and neighbours pledge to clean up Mediterranean

    Turkey and its neighbours pledged Friday to do a better job addressing the threats posed by pollution to people’s health and the natural habitats of the Mediterranean Sea, Rudaw reports. From plastic waste to slimy mucilage forming on their coasts, the ring of tourism-dependant Mediterranean countries have battled a steady stream of environmental problems, raising […]

    Talabat to introduce 100% plant-based packaging in Qatar

    The move comes as part of the food delivery platform’s Sustainable Packaging Program to reduce plastic waste and carbon footprint, Doha News reports. Online food delivery platform Talabat has announced the launch of its Sustainable Packaging Program that aims to reduce plastic waste as well as carbon footprint across the region, starting with operations in […]

    Turkey becomes Europe’s dumping ground for illegal plastic waste

    Illegal plastic waste from the UK and Germany is dumped in Turkey where it is polluting the Mediterranean, says Greenpeace, Middle East Eye states. The UK and Germany have continued to illegally export non-recyclable plastic waste to Turkey, where it is burnt at landfill sites and pollutes the environment, a Greenpeace investigation revealed in May, […]

    Bugs across the globe are evolving to eat plastic, study finds

    The Guardian writes about surprising discovery that shows scale of plastic pollution and reveals enzymes that could boost recycling. Microbes in oceans and soils across the globe are evolving to eat plastic, according to a study. The research scanned more than 200m genes found in DNA samples taken from the environment and found 30,000 different […]

    Stay Safe, Stay Home. Wear a REUSABLE mask!

    During the COVID-19 pandemic and now the new emerging Omnicron we are all urged to wear a face mask in public areas. However, the impact of discarded single-use face masks has a dramatic effect on the environment which may well lead to a global, hazardous threat to our oceans and health. According to the maths, […]

    How to eat “garbage,” take a shower quickly, wash less often: the latest eco-trends on the consumer market

    Human society produces rubbish. Rivers carry between 1.15 and 2.41 million tons of plastic each year, and the average European produces 31 kg of plastic waste per year. You can start sorting waste, but you can’t make a new one out of a plastic bottle all the time: the plastic recycling cycle is finite. Let’s […]