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    Sir David Attenborough sounds fresh call to save plant life with BBC production ‘The Green Planet’ TV series

    Legendary English naturalist’s five-part BBC series premiers in the Middle East on Jan 10 “The Green Planet” series comes as many of the planet’s ecosystems stand on the brink of collapse, Arab News states. Towering more than 250 feet above the forest floor, the sequoia trees of California are the biggest living things on the […]

    Bad trip: how drugs affect the environment and climate
    26 Dec 2021

    According to the latest UN data, 269 million people used drugs in 2018. More than 35 million have had health problems because of this. These numbers are just the tip of the iceberg, the real losses from the sale and production of drugs include the massacres of tens of thousands of people, like in Mexico, […]

    Swedish scientists turned bean roots into a battery

    Scientists at Linkoping University made bean roots conduct electricity and store energy. For this, the plants were watered with a solution with a conjugated ETE-S oligomer. It absorbed into fabrics and created a conductive polymer film, liu.se reports. Bean roots could conduct electricity for at least a month with an indicator of 10 siemens per […]

    Nearly 20 species of wild plants present at Salalah Creek Reserve in Oman

    Featuring more than 70 species of exotic and protected birds, and with stunning views of the Arabian Sea, the Khor Salalah Nature Reserve is a place nature enthusiasts must visit when they are in Oman. An oasis of greenery in the midst of residential neighborhoods, the reserve is managed by the Office for the Conservation […]

    Expo 2020 Dubai pavilions are inspired by nature

    You’ll find gorgeous flora and fauna all over Expo 2020 Dubai, with lots of pavilions inspired by nature, The National News states. While mushrooms and edible herbs are being grown inside a vertical farm in Holland’s pavilion, Singapore’s is covered by more than 80,000 plants, including the country’s national flower, the pink Vanda Miss Joaquim. […]

    Ten great city projects for nature – from vertical forests to a ‘gangsta garden’

    Around the world, architects, activists, and communities are finding ways to bring wildlife into urban areas. Many readers have noticed wildflowers thriving in urban areas as city councils decide to let the grass grow wild. These colorful little patches may seem like window dressing in the face of vast decline, but across the world, people […]

    Spring spreads cheer, colors over Dhofar

    Spring season has arrived in Dhofar after the end of Khareef. Across the governorate, one can experience pleasant weather, sunshine, low humidity, calm seas, clear and spectacular landscapes of mountains, plains, and desert, and watch colorful flower beds. Also known as Al Sarb season locally, spring starts from the end of September and lasts for […]

    The humble acacia from Oman is a real survivor

    The Omani ‘treeline’ is far from common, but the staunch Acacia, vancellia tortillis, or the Umbrella Thorn Acacia, adorns almost every sunrise, sunset, and landscape portrait, taken or painted, within the Sultanate, Oman Observer states. The Acacia was romanticized by Nadeem Aslam, writing “He led her back to the house, the perfume from the Acacia […]