Spring spreads cheer, colors over Dhofar

    28 Sep 2021

    Spring season has arrived in Dhofar after the end of Khareef. Across the governorate, one can experience pleasant weather, sunshine, low humidity, calm seas, clear and spectacular landscapes of mountains, plains, and desert, and watch colorful flower beds.

    Also known as Al Sarb season locally, spring starts from the end of September and lasts for about four weeks every year, Oman Observer reports.


    Photo by Dr. Sachin Singh.


    Al Sarb is also a harvest and business season during which farmers, fishers, livestock breeders, and honey traders are busy.

    Temperatures will be around 20 degrees Celsius in the mountains and 26-28 degrees in the low-lying areas during the day.

    The season also rolls out the green carpet for the camels and herders who descend to the plains for the annual journey or Al Khatlah. The roads, beaches, and slopes of Salalah and adjoining areas will be flooded with camels from Wadi Nahiz, Wadi Darbat, Wadi Ghaydat, and other regions.


    Photo by Dr. Sachin Singh.


    The camels are accompanied on their journey by herdsmen on four-wheel vehicles or pick-ups. The trip lasts for about a month, during which these herds move from one place to another in search of fodder. The plains and mountains of the governorate provide pastures for approximately 74% of the cows and 71% of the camels in the Sultanate.

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