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    Greenpeace: half a century on the frontline of environmental photo activism

    Fifty years ago, on 15 September 1971, a ship named the Greenpeace set out to confront and stop US nuclear weapons testing at Amchitka, one of the Aleutian Islands in southwest Alaska. On the organization’s 50th anniversary, the former head of photography at Greenpeace International told The Guardian about the motives behind the creation of […]

    Greenpeace birthday: 50 years of activism

    Nature conservation in the world as a large-scale movement was launched after the first Earth Day, in April 1970. For the first time in history, people took to the streets to protect the environment in many US cities. In total, about 20 million people gathered. Almost all environmental NGOs in the world were founded after […]

    It rains for two months, and the nuclear bomb explodes: the “Years and Years” series

    Since January 2020, reality is more and more like the plot of a science fiction action movie. No wonder the Madrid creative agency “Brother,” amid the pandemic, published a creative: it highlights that the actual events accurately conveyed the spirit of the series “Black Mirror.” To declare this, they installed mirrors in public places. “Season […]

    Bahrain’s foreign policy is founded on peace, the protection of human rights, and sustainable development – the country’s Foreign Minister

    Bahrain’s Foreign Minister Dr. Abdullatif bin Rashid Al Zayani gave on July 12 a press briefing to several journalists and columnists at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The National Communication Centre organized the briefing, BNA reports. He noted that the foreign policy of the Kingdom is based on several fundamental pillars that the Ministry is […]