Bahrain’s foreign policy is founded on peace, the protection of human rights, and sustainable development – the country’s Foreign Minister

    24 Jul 2021

    Bahrain’s Foreign Minister Dr. Abdullatif bin Rashid Al Zayani gave on July 12 a press briefing to several journalists and columnists at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The National Communication Centre organized the briefing, BNA reports.

    He noted that the foreign policy of the Kingdom is based on several fundamental pillars that the Ministry is committed to consolidating, foremost amongst which is laying the foundations for global peace, security, and stability, strengthening the protection of human rights, achieving sustainable development goals, and providing comprehensive environmental protection.

    He pointed out that the position of the Kingdom of Bahrain regarding addressing the danger of the Iranian nuclear file is clear and well-known, as Bahrain wants a safe region where peace and stability are ensured and where everyone from different races and beliefs coexists, in addition to the region being free of weapons of mass destruction, noting that the Kingdom is closely following the Vienna talks.

    He called for the need to address Iran’s destabilizing practices in the region and its sponsorship and support for terrorism and militias, calling for an end to its ballistic missile program and to work to ensure that Iran does not develop nuclear weapons.

    He stressed the importance of the safety of the Iranian nuclear program following international standards and the requirements of the International Atomic Energy Agency to achieve a secure and stable Middle East where stability and development prevail in all countries, including Iran.

    He added that achieving sustainable development is among Bahrain’s foreign policy priorities, noting a number of the Ministry’s development initiatives and projects, such as restructuring the Ministry and working on the continuous training of Bahraini diplomats.

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