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    Natural wonders of Iran: Jaazmoorian Red-Water Pond, a miracle at desert’s heart

    Jazmoorian Red-Water (Aab-Sorkh) Pond, by the city of Jiroft in Kerman province, south of Iran, portrays magic in the world’s hottest desert, IRNA states. The vast pond covers a large area expanding between Iran’s two provinces of Sistan and Baluchestan, and Kerman. It is one of the most beautiful ponds of the country, with its […]

    Iranian Urmia Lake’s revival plan sees nearly 100% progress: Official

    The massive national plan for the revival of Urmia Lake has nearly 100% progress, Director for Planning in Urmia Lake Revival Masoud Tajrishi said. Speaking in a national projects inauguration ceremony attended by President Hassan Rouhani, Tajrishi said that the Urmia Lake restoration project has absorbed over 15 billion tomans of investment in the last […]