Natural wonders of Iran: Jaazmoorian Red-Water Pond, a miracle at desert’s heart

    15 Sep 2021

    Jazmoorian Red-Water (Aab-Sorkh) Pond, by the city of Jiroft in Kerman province, south of Iran, portrays magic in the world’s hottest desert, IRNA states.

    The vast pond covers a large area expanding between Iran’s two provinces of Sistan and Baluchestan, and Kerman. It is one of the most beautiful ponds of the country, with its relatively virgin nature, unique characteristics, and even some still unknown features and areas.

    Among the most attractive and still unknown parts of this pond, which stretches in Kerman province, is the Boomian village region called Zahoon-Kalpoorcoon by locals.

    This region can become a favorite tourism destination both for Iranian nature fans and foreign tourists, primarily due to the famous hospitality of Ghaleh-Ganj village dwellers in the south-most part of Kerman province, provided visitors will respect nature, not pollute or destroy it.

    Using appropriate tourism planning, the region’s tourism industry, too, can thus be boosted.

    The red water of the pond, palm trees by its sides, and their reflection in the pond create unique landscapes all around the vast water reserve.

    Environment experts active in the region say no definite studies have been carried so far to explore reasons for the water’s red color. Still, they believe it could be due to various causes, such as saturated salt in its water or an appropriate environment for the growth of a group of bacteria halophytes from the Halobacterium and Holo Cucus types.

    Such bacteria have color particles that can reflect the sun’s light in areas where there is low oxygen.

    Still, biologists and environmentalists must conduct studies on the reason for this fascinating natural phenomenon since there could be other possible reasons for the lake’s red color.

    The Environment Department chief of the region says a budget is supposed to be allocated to the purpose soon.

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