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    Raising the steaks: First 3D-bioprinted structured Wagyu beef-like meat unveiled

    Japanese scientists at Osaka University have created artificial marble beef using bioprinting methods. In texture, it resembles the meat of Wagyu cows. This was reported by scientists in their article published in Nature. Workers of Osaka University have created artificial marble beef Wagyu as a vegetarian alternative to the original. Wagyu has a genetic predisposition […]

    The Japanese transport company makes fuel from the remnants of broth

    The Japanese transport company has managed to make fuel from the remnants of ramen broth (Japanese cuisine with wheat noodles and broth). The company called Nishida Shoun began to produce biodiesel fuel for trucks, Kyodo News reports. About 2 thousand catering establishments provide raw materials for the production of the company. To do this, employees […]

    In Japan, floods flooded entire regions. More than a million people are being evacuated
    16 Aug 2021

    In Japan, heavy rains have flooded entire regions. Authorities said at least one person was killed and two were missing. More than a 1.4 million residents are being evacuated, Kyodo News reports. A record amount of precipitation has been observed in Japan since August 13. The country has declared a state of emergency in Hiroshima […]

    Saudi Electricity agrees $500m green credit facility in ESG push
    11 Jul 2021

    Saudi Electricity Company (SEC) has agreed a $500 million green lending facility. The financing was guaranteed by the Japan Bank for International Cooperation (JBIC), to support SEC’s green projects across its transmission and distribution networks, the utility said in a stock exchange filing on July, 6. Several other Japanese banks participated in the 12-year facility, […]

    The EU and Japan have agreed to form a “green” alliance
    03 Jun 2021

    The European Union and Japan will create a “green” alliance to achieve carbon neutrality by 2050, European commission reports. Such agreements were reached by the countries during the EU-Japan bilateral summit. “Today we have reached a new milestone: the green alliance between the EU and Japan,” said European Council President Charles Michel on Thursday at […]

    Minamata. Photo art as a fight for the environment

    The film “Minamata” by Andrew Levitas was first released in May, 2021. For viewers who follow the latest cinema news, it became a long-awaited one, since the release of the film was delayed for a year due to the pandemic. This is a new role for Johnny Depp, this time he’s not playing a pirate, […]