The Japanese transport company makes fuel from the remnants of broth

    24 Aug 2021

    The Japanese transport company has managed to make fuel from the remnants of ramen broth (Japanese cuisine with wheat noodles and broth). The company called Nishida Shoun began to produce biodiesel fuel for trucks, Kyodo News reports.

    About 2 thousand catering establishments provide raw materials for the production of the company.

    To do this, employees take lard from the soup and mix it with vegetable oil waste, according to Kyodo News.

    Some of the company’s cars are already running on new fuel, and by the fall, Masumi Nishida, the company’s president, wants to modernize all 170 trucks for the new type of fuel.

    The idea of ​​using broth for cars came to her husband in 2013.

    Then the administrator of the restaurant chain approached him and asked if it was possible to find a use for leftover soup. After all, they had to pay for their disposal.

    The businessman decided to develop a device that removes fat from the broth just in the kitchen of the restaurant.

    New biodiesel reduces greenhouse gas emissions. Waste for Nishida Shoun is supplied by almost 2,000 Japanese food establishments. From them the company makes about 3 thousand liters of fuel daily.Looks like we’ve got a similar news before: students in Oman managed to produce coal from coffee residue.

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