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    Preserving and protecting Saudi Arabia’s falcon population

    A burqa is used on a falcon’s face to cover its eyes as sight is their strongest sense. The peregrine falcon is the most predatory aerial bird of all falcon subspecies. Falconry as a traditional sport has become embedded in various cultures worldwide, the result of being practiced globally for 4,000 years. It is a […]

    The last hunt

    This masterpiece of “hard” science fiction was written in the 70s by the Norwegian writer Gvar Nielsen. Let’s read the story about the deadly poaching of the possible future. *** On the third day of continuous searches, a dot appeared on the screen of the head machine’s locator aimed at the gloomy sky. The computer […]

    Hunters killed 667 pilot whales and 1428 dolphins in September in the Faroe Islands

    Almost two weeks ago, the most massive dolphin hunt in human history took place. 1428 animals were killed in the Faroe Islands. According to the organization Sea Shepperd, there are more and more locals on these islands who oppose hunters every year. But they cannot speak publicly for fear of reprisals. After all, they are […]

    Let’s celebrate Elephant Appreciation Day

    The largest land mammals on Earth are at the most significant risk of complete extinction through human actions – poaching and legal hunting; capturing elephants for circuses for everyday torture in captivity to please deceived spectators; destruction of their habitat. On September 22 we celebrate Elephant Appreciation Day. It was established in 1996​. Publisher Wayne […]

    EAD to showcase initiatives for next 50 years during ADIHEX 2021

    The Environment Agency – Abu Dhabi (EAD) has announced on 22nd September that it will participate in the upcoming 18th edition of the Abu Dhabi International Hunting and Equestrian Exhibition (ADIHEX). The Agency will once again be the main sponsor of this region’s largest event focused on the preservation of cultural heritage, which will be […]

    The hunt for Iraqi Kurdistan’s elusive leopards

    Let’s get acquainted with the story about animal protection in Iraqi Kurdistan narrated by Rudaw. Korsh Ararat was sat at a restaurant in Sulaimani (Iraqi Kurdistan) on a February evening with a small group of friends. As at pretty much any casual gathering in Kurdistan, the main topic of conversation was politics. Korsh was a […]

    Endangered bears leave Lebanon for a better life in US animal sanctuary

    Two endangered bears living in poor conditions in a Lebanon zoo have been flown to an animal sanctuary in the US after losing weight and suffered from other health issues, Arab News reports. The Syrian brown bear lived in Lebanon, Iraq, Syria, and Turkey, but the species became extinct due to illegal and non-organized hunting […]