EAD to showcase initiatives for next 50 years during ADIHEX 2021

    23 Sep 2021

    The Environment Agency – Abu Dhabi (EAD) has announced on 22nd September that it will participate in the upcoming 18th edition of the Abu Dhabi International Hunting and Equestrian Exhibition (ADIHEX).

    The Agency will once again be the main sponsor of this region’s largest event focused on the preservation of cultural heritage, which will be hosted at Abu Dhabi National Exhibition Centre (ADNEC) from 27th September to 3rd October, WAM reports.

    The theme of EAD’s participation this year is shedding light on the vision for the environment for the next 50 years. This comes in line with the celebration of the UAE Golden Jubilee in December and the country’s 50th Anniversary.

    Speaking on the occasion, Ahmed Baharoon, Executive Director of EAD’s Environmental Information, Science and Outreach Management sector, said, “ADIHEX is such an integral part of the EAD calendar due to its significance. Every year we look forward to sponsoring the event and through our presence at our dedicated EAD stand, we can showcase our newest environmental efforts.”

    Baharoon added, “This is all part of our goals of ensuring that we manage our resources wisely, securing sustainable supplies of clean energy, water and food for future generations, minimise consumption and maximise efficiencies wherever possible, and protect and improve our environment by reducing our carbon emissions, minimising the waste we produce, and promoting a circular and green economy.

    “We also want to ensure that no more species become extinct here in Abu Dhabi and to promote biodiversity so that 50 years from now, our cities will be beautiful environments for everyone to enjoy.”

    EAD will be highlighting a series of initiatives that include: air quality innovative sampling technologies, projects integrated with Artificial Intelligence, and opportunities for Youth Citizen Science. This is in addition to the Green House Gas Inventory and co-benefits for air quality towards 2050 initiative, as well as the monitoring and studying of fine dust characteristics to protect air quality, human health, and the ecosystem in Abu Dhabi Emirate.

    EAD will also be showcasing a new first-of-its-kind, world-leading soil monitoring project that uses data from drones in space, aimed at improving and increasing the efficiency of the soil monitoring program and marking a shift from traditional techniques to innovative state-of-the-art methods.

    Also on display will be information about EAD’s latest Research Vessel which is currently being built and developed and will be used for environmentally friendly, multipurpose fisheries oceanography. Designed for physical, chemical, biological, and geological oceanographic research and fishery surveys, the vessel will be fitted with support systems necessary to conduct multidisciplinary research at sea.

    Furthermore, EAD will be showcasing its Gene Bank, which aims to document the genetic resources of local bio-diverse plant species, as well as studying and protecting them via an integrated approach that includes internal and external conservational methods to help sustain biodiversity among the species. Other projects include EAD’s latest smartphone applications as well as sharing with the public the achievements of Abu Dhabi Falcon Hospital.

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