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    “Don’t look up”: the satire movie did not impress critics but captured social networks

    Netflix’s new movie “Don’t Look Up” was released just a few days ago, but has already garnered very mixed reviews. Opinion leaders call the film “genius” and film experts “far-fetched.”  Modern satire starring Leonardo DiCaprio and Jennifer Lawrence has won the favor of social media, although it has been well received by film critics. Let’s […]

    How to save nature without running away from society: lessons from three movies

    Today we will devote our review to three movies with a common theme – how far is a person protesting against a consumer society ready to go? This topic has been exciting the minds for many years, and one of its most striking manifestos is the book “Walden; or, Life in the Woods” by Henry […]

    Denis Villeneuve explained why he filmed “Dune” in the hottest months in the UAE desert

    Denis Villeneuve filmed “Dune” in the desert near the Liwa Oasis in Abu Dhabi, choosing July and August for filming. These are the hottest months in this area, when temperatures reach 50°C and above, writes IndieWire. But it was this kind of weather that fit into the director’s visual concept.  “I found what I was […]

    DiCaprio became a consultant and investor in a “test-tube steak” firm

    Hollywood star Leonardo DiCaprio has become one of the investors and consultants in the Israeli company Aleph Farms, specializing in producing “steaks from a tube.” N12 reports that DiCaprio joined investors in the latest fundraising campaign that raised $ 105 million. DiCaprio is investing in and joining the advisory boards of Aleph Farms and Mosa […]

    Top 16 of Best Environmental Films of recent years

    Environmental issues have proved themselves to be an increasingly hot subject in film and television. With access to a wide range of environmentally-themed documentaries or movies, it might be overwhelming searching for entertaining yet educational content. From old to new, let’s get to know what are 16 of the best environmental films of 2020, according […]

    “Avatar”: An old fairy tale in a new world

    A moment later I emerged entirely from the cloud bank, but though I searched in all directions, I saw nothing but foliage, above, around, below me, yet I could see far down into that abyss of leaves. In the soft light I could not determine the color of the foliage, but I was sure that […]

    Minamata. Photo art as a fight for the environment

    The film “Minamata” by Andrew Levitas was first released in May, 2021. For viewers who follow the latest cinema news, it became a long-awaited one, since the release of the film was delayed for a year due to the pandemic. This is a new role for Johnny Depp, this time he’s not playing a pirate, […]