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    Due to microplastics, people become resistant to antibiotics – research

    Researchers at the George Brown School of Engineering at Rice University in the United States say that microplastics in the environment are a breeding ground for antibiotic-resistant bacteria, Eurekalert states. A study in the Journal of Hazardous Materials describes how the ultraviolet aging of microplastics in the environment make them apt platforms for antibiotic-resistant genes […]

    Animal cloning: to copy or not to copy?

    American scientists consider them absolutely safe for cultivation and consumption. The EU is very wary of them, imposing numerous restrictions on their sale; the opinion of the scientific community through them was divided into two magnetic poles… What we’re talking about? It’s all about cloned organisms. Let’s get to know more about cloning, thanks to […]

    Should we fear GMOs? Take a look – all our food is genetically modified

    Over the past couple of weeks, you definitely ate products from cereals, the existence of which was not included in the plans of Mother Nature, as well as cloned fruits and even plants which ancestors were subjected to intentional radioactive irradiation. On all this food, there were no “GMO” labels. Perhaps they even had an […]