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    The amount of electricity generated by coal jumped to all-time highs in 2021 – opinion
    04 Jan 2022

    Frank Kane, a business journalist based in Dubai, believes that it is a supreme irony that, despite the vocal calls of environmental activists for the complete abandonment of coal as a source of power generation, 2021 will go down as the year King Coal resumed his throne in the global energy markets. Let’s check his […]

    Riyadh plans climate neutrality for 2060 but will continue to pump oil actively
    29 Dec 2021

    Leading oil exporter Saudi Arabia will strive to achieve zero carbon emissions by 2060, its de facto ruler, Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman announced on October 23 at the Future Investment Initiative forum ahead of the UN Climate Conference (COP-26). Ben Salman stressed that Saudi Arabia would fight climate change while ensuring stability in the […]

    Impacts of fast fashion on the environment

    The fashion industry, especially since the rise of fast fashion, is among the most damaging industries for the environment, responsible for 10% of global carbon emissions and 20% of global wastewater. Let’s read the article by Earth.org based on a review article by Niinimaki et al. (2020), published in Nature in April 2020.    Some […]

    Shared vision, commitment to integration underlie Gulf trade deals

    The signing of new investment deals reportedly worth $30 billion between Saudi Arabia and Oman is no doubt a positive development for solidifying cooperation between the member countries of the Gulf Cooperation Council. Yet the first questions that spring to mind are: Why Oman and why now? Let’s find the answer together with Arab News. […]

    Massive Attack presented a plan to make music concerts more eco-friendly

    The British band Massive Attack, together with scientists from the Tyndall Center for Climate Change Research in Manchester, presented a plan to reduce carbon emissions at music concerts.   Main recommendations         refusal of flights;       service of concerts by electric cars;       rejection of diesel generators at […]

    Fossil fuels made Getty and Rockefeller families rich. Now Aileen and Rebecca want this industry to end
    11 Dec 2021

    Congress must help usher in a new energy age – a clean energy age with the same level of support that fossil fuels companies have received for over a century, said Aileen Getty and Rebecca Rockefeller Lambert. Aileen Getty is the founder of the Aileen Getty Foundation and the co-founder of the Climate Emergency Fund […]

    Saudi oil giant Aramco awards $10bn worth of contracts for Jafurah field development
    09 Dec 2021

    Saudi Arabian energy giant Saudi Aramco announced Tuesday that it would start the development of the Jafurah unconventional gas field, the largest non-associated gas field in the Kingdom, Oil and Gas Middle East reports. In addition, Aramco announced that it had awarded subsurface and engineering, procurement, and construction (EPC) contracts worth $10 billion. The capital […]

    In a world “before the flood”: at the crossroads between a new economy and ruin
    09 Dec 2021

    We are starting to lose today. The world is changing radically, and the countries worldwide have to refocus its energy and industrial policies on the development of renewable energy sources and the replacement of fossil fuels, says energy expert and eco-activist  Oleh Savitsky in his article for the European Truth. With the entry into force […]

    Without a clear plan for the transition to renewables, the energy crisis will become the norm – Financial Times
    09 Dec 2021

    Everyone wants to save the planet from climate change, but no one wants to increase energy prices. The energy transition, which many countries have announced, is too slow. This is the most significant long-term infrastructure project in the history of humanity, so governments should plan it in moderation and detail, Financial Times reports. According to […]

    Saudi Aramco chief calls for a realistic approach to energy transition
    08 Dec 2021

    Saudi Aramco CEO Amin Nassir on Monday rejected what he called a “deeply assumption” that the entire world can run on alternatives and the vast global energy system can be totally transformed, virtually overnight, Arab News reports. He was speaking at a global energy conference devoted to future technologies and low-carbon strategies in Houston. The […]