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    Modern-day traveling philosophers

    2021 made clear for world-class filmmakers that social themes are at their peak. The consequences of the pandemic and the rethinking of cinema language are visible in the prestigious Golden Globe and Oscars. In the second year of the coronavirus march around the world, prizes were received not by blockbusters, but by acute social manifestos. […]

    Robert Hunter, Greenpeace co-founder: environmentalist and “media bomb” lover

    We strongly recommend the film “How to Change the World” which is dedicated to the first public action of the movement, which will later be named Greenpeace. The movie depicts the voyage that caused the cancellation of the American nuclear test program in the Aleutian Islands and laid the foundations for a new, active and […]

    Ominvest and ‘Oman In Focus’ will promote the natural beauty of Oman

    Oman International Development and Investment Company (Ominvest) signed an agreement with ‘Oman In Focus’ as the main partner for the first-of-its-kind video production ‘Not Discovered Yet’, to promote the wildlife and natural beauty of Oman. The agreement was signed by AbdulAziz Mohammed Al Balushi, Group CEO, Ominvest, and Maisa Fahad Al Hooti, Founder and CEO, […]

    Minamata. Photo art as a fight for the environment

    The film “Minamata” by Andrew Levitas was first released in May, 2021. For viewers who follow the latest cinema news, it became a long-awaited one, since the release of the film was delayed for a year due to the pandemic. This is a new role for Johnny Depp, this time he’s not playing a pirate, […]

    ‘Green Tribe’: journey across the world with a stool

    In the years 2005 to 2019 the story of travelers who founded the ‘Green Tribe’ NGO unfolded before my eyes. These people were engaged in ‘pure art’ and performing. They set the goal of travelling to the four oceans, and then they dreamed of a nature reserve foundation in the north-east of Ukraine. I will […]

    Two European cinematic perspectives on the lives of African peasants

    There are two notable films on environmental and social issues in Africa, ‘Thank you for the rain’ and ‘Makala’. Let’s consider each of them separately. Makala is a movie at the intersection of the social and the landscape-contemplative topics. An hour and a half of screen time takes us to the Democratic Republic of the […]

    The voices of sea animals in ‘Born to be Free’

    One of the most notable films about dolphins’ rights is ‘Born to be Free’ produced by the Russian Federation and Great Britain (2016). The director of the film is Gayane Petrosyan, the producer is Mike Lerner. The film is notable for its combination of documentary materials and a powerful message of protest. The story film […]

    ‘Sakawa’: Africa’s electronics dump strikes back

    Ben Asamoah’s film ‘Sakawa’ from an unexpected angle presents the Western viewer the history of the places where trash ends up after ‘death’. After computers are thrown away and sent on a long journey across the seas and oceans, the electronics safely fall into the hands of the specialists who pull personal data from hard drives. […]