Ominvest and ‘Oman In Focus’ will promote the natural beauty of Oman

    26 May 2021

    Oman International Development and Investment Company (Ominvest) signed an agreement with ‘Oman In Focus’ as the main partner for the first-of-its-kind video production ‘Not Discovered Yet’, to promote the wildlife and natural beauty of Oman.

    The agreement was signed by AbdulAziz Mohammed Al Balushi, Group CEO, Ominvest, and Maisa Fahad Al Hooti, Founder and CEO, Oman In Focus, Time of Oman reports.

    “Oman In Focus” is a documentary project that will highlight the marvels of Oman.

    A team of international and local wildlife experts and filmmakers will explore 12 landmark destinations in the Sultanate to be presented in two documentaries. Both documentaries will cover various aspects of Oman’s wildlife and landscapes that make Oman such a unique wildlife destination. Documentaries will be broadcast on several well-known regional and international broadcast networks and TV channels.

    This project comes as part of Ominvest’s corporate citizenship strategy; the project aligns with Ominvest’s policy to contribute to efforts aimed at preserving the environment and developing tourism in the Sultanate.

    AbdulAziz Al Balushi, Group CEO, Ominvest said, “Being a market leader should never be in financial terms only, but most importantly in being proactive and innovative corporate citizens. We strongly believe in the important role of business in society, which is well reflected in Ominvest purpose – Transforming Businesses to Enrich Societies”. By becoming main partners in this national video production project, we help raise global awareness of the natural beauty and wonders of Oman. We also contribute to the ongoing collective effort that aims at protecting the environment and treading responsibly on this precious planet we live in.”

    He added, “Our role as the main partner in this project goes beyond financial support. We will work closely with the Oman In Focus team through an exclusive initiative to achieve knowledge exchange in the field of conservation and wildlife research between the international team of Oman In Focus, and local community members including students and scholars. We are also happy to support the young Omani talent behind this filmmaking effort that has been orchestrated and designed up to the best international standards in the industry.”

    Maisa Al Hooti, Omani businesswoman and underwater photographer is proud to be the Executive Producer of this undertaking. “The goal of Oman in Focus is to attract global attention to Oman and promote tourism as well as environmental conservation efforts within the Sultanate. Oman in Focus is happy to be working with leading Omani organizations from the public and private sectors. We are particularly grateful to Ominvest for their support and we are looking forward to a prosperous and long-lasting partnership,” Al Hooti said.

    She added, “The Sultanate is blessed to have an astonishingly bio-diverse range of animals and habitats, despite its desert surroundings. Animals such as the Arabian Oryx have become well-adjust to the arid landscapes, while sea turtles, dolphins and whales thrive in the mineral-rich waters of the Gulf of Oman. Oman also has an abundance of wildlife in its wetlands and wadis. The filmmaking team will be traversing the country and documenting this plethora of natural beauty. With this project, Oman in Focus team also aims to inspire the public to become more involved in conservation efforts and do their part to protect the planet.”

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