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    In France, auto manufacturers are obliged to “remind” people about more environmentally friendly ways of driving

    In March, a law will come into force in France, according to which domestic carmakers must remind people in their car advertising that there are more environmentally friendly ways to travel, The Washington Post  reports. French carmakers (including Peugeot and Renault) will have to choose between three messages, one of which must be added to […]

    Pope Francis says choosing pets over kids is selfish

    Pope Francis has suggested people who choose to have pets over children are acting selfishly. He criticized people who decided not to have children, but to have pets instead. The pope was speaking to a general audience on January 5, when he turned his sermon to fatherhood. The Pope’s comments came as he was discussing […]

    EU moves to label nuclear, gas energy as ‘green’
    08 Jan 2022

    The EU is planning to label energy from nuclear power and natural gas as “green” sources for investment despite internal disagreement over whether they truly qualify as sustainable options, BBC reports. The proposal, seen by AFP on Saturday, aims to support the 27-nation bloc’s shift towards a carbon-neutral future and gild its credentials as a […]

    Sir David Attenborough sounds fresh call to save plant life with BBC production ‘The Green Planet’ TV series

    Legendary English naturalist’s five-part BBC series premiers in the Middle East on Jan 10 “The Green Planet” series comes as many of the planet’s ecosystems stand on the brink of collapse, Arab News states. Towering more than 250 feet above the forest floor, the sequoia trees of California are the biggest living things on the […]

    BIG has designed a cybersecurity center with wave-like solar roofs in Slovakia

    Architectural company BIG presented the project of the Center of Innovative Technologies for ESET in Bratislava. The 12 buildings will be visually connected by wavy sunroofs that resemble the surrounding mountains, Dezeen states. The technology quarter, which will include the headquarters of the Slovak company ESET, will be built on the site of a former […]

    The British do not buy bags in stores because they save, not worry about the planet – research

    The decline in the use of disposable plastic bags in the UK is due to people’s desire to save, not to care for the environment. This is evidenced by a large study by the University of Nottingham Business School,  The Guardian reports. An analysis of nearly 1.3 million transactions showed that plastic bags are mostly […]

    Russia, China, Britain, U.S. and France say no one can win nuclear war

    China, Russia, Britain, the United States and France have agreed that a further spread of nuclear arms and a nuclear war should be avoided, according to a joint statement by the five nuclear powers published by the Kremlin and The White House on January 2. It said that the five countries – which are the […]

    Over the past 50 years, more than two million people have died due to climate change on the planet – the United Nations
    04 Jan 2022

    Over the years, natural disasters have damaged the world economy by $ 3.64 trillion. According to the World Meteorological Organization, the number of weather-related natural disasters has increased fivefold over the past 50 years. Scientists say that natural disasters have become more frequent due to climate change and more extreme weather conditions. However, deaths due […]

    Companies in the EU find it difficult to determine the percentage of “green” operations in their activities

    Many European companies are getting ready to tell investors how much revenue, capital investment and operating expenses are generated by activities that regulators consider environmentally friendly, WSJ states. Coming from January 1, the publicly listed EU business community with more than 500 employees who are subject to the EU Green Taxonomy Non-Financial Reporting Directive will […]

    EU will allocate over €26 billion to three regions for problem-solving and development
    02 Jan 2022

    The European Union will provide €26.3 billion for a seven-year program to support partner regions worldwide to help them build infrastructure, combat climate change, promote social inclusion, human development, manage migration, address gender issues, and conserve biodiversity. “We need to match our words with actions. The investments under the Global Europe program will ensure that […]