BIG has designed a cybersecurity center with wave-like solar roofs in Slovakia

    06 Jan 2022

    Architectural company BIG presented the project of the Center of Innovative Technologies for ESET in Bratislava. The 12 buildings will be visually connected by wavy sunroofs that resemble the surrounding mountains, Dezeen states.

    The technology quarter, which will include the headquarters of the Slovak company ESET, will be built on the site of a former military hospital.

    The center was designed by BIG architects together with the Slovak Inflow studio and the Buro Happold and Arup engineering studios. The 55,000-square-meter complex will consist of 12 buildings of various sizes located around a central courtyard. They will be surrounded by landscaped public spaces.

    The center will be equipped with photovoltaic panels that will fully power all buildings. The central atrium will be located in the center of the four headquarters buildings. It will be illuminated from the inside through light hatches, and plants and shrubs will be added to its interior.

    The authors of the project say that the main goal is to build a fully electric center that will generate a significant amount of renewable energy.

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