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    “Woman at War”: Icelandic film about non-standard nature protection

    We used to watch movies about nature primarily as documentaries. Thanks to the first ones, such as the BBC or Cousteau‘s films in the 1980s, some species of plants and animals were filmed for the first time in history. In the “Symphony of the Rainforest” movie in the early 1990s, Marian variegated pigeon was filmed […]

    Climate change: Green groups call for COP26 postponement
    09 Sep 2021

    Green groups say that the COP26 climate conference due to be held in Glasgow in November should be postponed. They argue that vaccine inequity and unaffordable accommodation will lock out “huge numbers” of developing country delegates, BBC reports. But the UK government now says it will fund quarantine hotel stays for delegates, observers, and media […]

    Creaturely empathy with desert animals: A Kuwaiti environmentalist’s social media experiment

    “Ajmi’s special contribution has been his use of his social media to make conservation issues come alive in an intimate and unsettling way, to show how environmental destruction is playing out on animals themselves.” Let’s check the story by Matthew Chovanec published in Madamasr. *** For the first few seconds, it is unclear what the […]

    Sustainable development is the only way out of the collapse

    To describe the state of modern society, I use the concept “Future Shock” introduced by the American sociologist Alvin Toffler in 1969 in the same name book. He notes that in that era in the United States, the post-war generation of “baby boomers” felt that changes were happening too quickly; that post-industrial civilization was increasing […]

    The forest doesn’t “present” us anything. We use the forest and subdue pet animals

    Let’s get acquainted with the story by Nasta Zakharevich about terms and human attitude to wildlife. Sounds familiar to the biocentrism point of view, which we described in our author’s article previously. The French philosopher Rene Descartes became famous among the broad masses thanks to the idea “I think, therefore I am.” Today, many intellectuals […]

    Environmentalism in the world where ideas, not things, are for sale

    One of the most complete descriptions of the ideas of moderate environmentalism, combined with a critique of countercultural ideas, is the work of American sociologists Joseph Heath and Andrew Potter “The Rebel Sell: Why the Culture Can’t be Jammed” (2004). The authors believe that it is impossible to deny the whole system of capitalism and […]

    On the edge of tomorrow: Let’s talk about biocentrism

    Eco-problems and eco-challenges are things that can unite humanity, not separate. In political science jargon, a devoted love of environment is called “sub-societal” ideology. In simpler words, it goes beyond the “highly specialized” and traditional ideologies that emerged in the West after the Great French Revolution in the XVIII century. This state of mind means […]