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    Paris electric scooters speed will be limited to 10 km/h – but only for rental vehicles

    The municipality of the French capital has ordered electric scooter rental operators to limit their maximum speed to 10 km/h. The decision was made after the number of injuries to pedestrians increased, TechCrunch reports. Paris is quite an attractive city for electric scooters, primarily due to a well-developed network of bike paths. 16 different companies […]

    Decarbonizing aviation: the future of electric aviation and sustainable aviation fuel

    The aviation industry is set to become a major carbon emitter. Solutions like electric aviation and sustainable aviation fuel could help decarbonize the sector. Let’s check how Earth.org authors examine the progress made towards electric aviation and sustainable aviation fuel and how it enables the adoption of carbon neutral solutions. As with many sustainability issues, […]

    Driverless electric minibus hits Qatar streets for test operations

    Qatar could be one of the first countries to have fully autonomous electric minibusses transporting the community safely without a driver — a significant step towards innovation and sustainability. Transport Minister Jassim Seif Ahmed al-Sulaiti attended a test operation conducted by Mowasalat (Karwa) in co-operation with Yutong, a Chinese manufacturer of commercial vehicles, Doha News […]

    Qatar sparks up nationwide electric vehicle project
    03 Oct 2021

    Qatar plans to convert 25% of public transport to electric in 2022 – just in time for the World Cup – with 100% expected by 2030, Doha News states. Plans to establish an integrated network of electric car chargers across different locations to gradually transform the electric transport system have been kicked off in Qatar, […]

    Future of transport: electric air taxis gear up for lift-off after boost from regulator

    German company Volocopter aims to launch its high-tech service in the US and Europe in 2021. Electric air taxis could be about to move a crucial step closer to take-off in 2021, with a firm planning to launch the futuristic service in the US and Europe, The National News states. Volocopter had the first phase […]