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    Why I pulled the plug on my electric dream
    01 Jan 2022

    We’ve found a remarkable column written by Mohamed Chebaro for Arab News.. He’s a British-Lebanese journalist, media consultant and trainer with more than 25 years’ experience covering war, terrorism, defense, current affairs and diplomacy. *** My friends have always described me as someone very attached to his mobility and comfort, who uses a car when […]

    Race to net-zero: what the world will look like after the decarbonization of 2050
    30 Dec 2021

    There is a huge race in the world, in which most countries participate. The race is called “Race to Zero”.  Is it possible to achieve zero emissions? The world is optimistic.  About 140 countries have committed to zero emissions in the coming decades. Ukraine is the last in the list of these countries, but there […]

    Electric cars are more environmentally friendly than gasoline cars, even when charging with electricity from coal

    Experts have denied the view that electric cars are not much greener than cars with internal combustion engines. It turned out that the electric car emits less greenhouse gases throughout the life cycle than in cars with internal combustion engines, The Verge states. The International Clean Transport Council study says that it does not matter […]

    Why electric cars, plastic replacement, and energy saving is not simple eco-solutions

    Our planet is a vast system, where one link depends on another, and any changes in the natural balance we eventually feel. Increasingly, we are inventing new ways to preserve the environment, using alternative energy sources so as not to cause destructive processes in the environment. Let’s get to know what Platfor.ma find out, whether […]

    Qatar teams up with Rolls-Royce to launch billion dollar green projects
    20 Nov 2021

    The Gulf state plans to establish engineering hubs in the UK and Qatar to test and develop green technologies. Qatar is partnering with Rolls-Royce to inaugurate new green engineering projects as the Gulf state pushes toward a greener environment, Doha News reports. Qatar is investing in building science and engineering hubs in the north of […]

    ZipCharge Go suitcase-size power bank will help EV owners deal with range anxiety
    11 Nov 2021

    The British startup has presented a new device – a power bank on wheels for emergency charging of electric cars. According to the manufacturer, in 30 minutes, the ZipCharge Go charges enough to travel up to 32 km. The ZipCharge Go is a suitcase-sized power bank that can be used to charge a depleted electric […]

    Kuwait plans region’s first city for electric carmakers

    Kuwait Ports Authority (KPA) has approved a proposal to build the Middle East’s first city to serve electric vehicle manufacturers, the authority said in a statement in August. The statement does not make clear where the project, called EV City, will be located. The design and construction tendering process will be during the 2011/22 fiscal […]

    From electric cars to bubble wrap: inventions that the world did not immediately appreciate

    Sometimes innovations require aging, like expensive wines. Let’s get to know what the most prominent inventions had to wait so long, thanks to the excellent review by Chas News. Alexander Bell, the inventor of the telephone, believed in his creation. He thought that the day would come when such a device would appear in every […]

    How to recycle old batteries from the electric car, and why is this a problem?

    The battery of electric cars is more extensive and heavier; it consists of several hundred separate lithium-ion cells, each of which must be disassembled separately. Recycling and disposal of electric car batteries could become a significant problem in 10-15 years, says Paul Anderson of the University of Birmingham, BBC reports. By 2030, the EU plans […]