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    The number of gadgets thrown into landfills has reached the weight of the Great Wall of China

    Experts estimate that by the end of 2021 year, people will send 57.4 million tons of electronics to landfills. This number of gadgets outweighs the heaviest artificial object – the Great Wall of China, BBC reports. The global amount of electro-clutter increases by 3-4% or 2 million tons per year. This was reported by experts […]

    The London pub began to accept electrical devices like payment

    At London’s The Trade-Inn, guests can pay for food and drink by handing over unnecessary electronic devices, Euronews reports. In total, the bar accepts about 14 thousand types of equipment. The campaign is supported by Spring, which has installed more than a thousand machines for collecting electronic waste in the country. The technique thus obtained […]

    Mobily, Ericsson to recycle old electronic devices

    Etihad Etisalat (Mobily), a leading telecom provider in Saudi Arabia, has announced an agreement with Ericsson to recycle expired and discarded electronic devices in ways that contribute to preserving the environment, GD Online reports. Alaa Malki, Chief Technology Officer, represented Mobily in signing the agreement during Gitex 2021, while Ericsson was represented by Ekow Nelson, […]

    SABIC, Microsoft manufacture first recycled electronic product in Saudi Arabia

    Saudi Basic Industries Corp (SABIC) has launched a collaboration with Microsoft to manufacture the first consumer electronic product. This collaboration has resulted in manufacturing the first computer mouse with an exterior shell containing 20% recycled ocean plastic. And they named it “The Microsoft Ocean Plastic Mouse,” Saudi Gazette states. SABIC has a strategic vision for […]

    What is e-waste?

    Electronic waste or e-waste is the type of waste that is currently growing most dynamically. It includes: ▪ mobile phones, smartphones; ▪ computer technologies; ▪ printers, telephones and faxes; ▪ home appliances, TVs; ▪ electronic boards, chips, and electronic toys. E-waste is expected to reach about 52.2 million tons by the end of 2021, Waste […]

    Too many phones: 14 years of smartphone use made a significant impact on the environment

    Smartphones have completely changed our lives and the whole world in the shortest possible time. Only 14 years ago, we used cameras to take photos, found a way with paper maps, and talked to family and friends with the help of text messages with T9 technology. If you are among the 3.8 billion people who […]

    Bahrain Bourse launches e-waste Initiative

    As part of Bahrain Bourse’s (BHB) efforts to promote ESG, BHB announced that it has embarked on an “E-waste Recycling Initiative” in collaboration with the Supreme Council for Environment (SCE) and Crown Industries (recyclers of metals and plastics). The initiative aims to raise awareness about electronic waste and promote proper recycling of end-of-life electronics used […]