Mobily, Ericsson to recycle old electronic devices

    30 Oct 2021

    Etihad Etisalat (Mobily), a leading telecom provider in Saudi Arabia, has announced an agreement with Ericsson to recycle expired and discarded electronic devices in ways that contribute to preserving the environment, GD Online reports.

    Alaa Malki, Chief Technology Officer, represented Mobily in signing the agreement during Gitex 2021, while Ericsson was represented by Ekow Nelson, Vice President of Ericsson Middle East and Africa.

    Mobily will join the Ericsson Product Take-Back Program following the agreement to improve customer convenience and recycle discarded electronic devices for safe and responsible disposal.

    Alaa Malki, Chief Technology Officer at Mobily, said: “Mobily decided to cooperate with Ericsson’s Product Take-Back Program due to the importance of preserving the environment and the convenience and ease it provides for customers in terms of disposal procedures for their electronic devices. The program also has a proven track record of success in the safe disposal of electronic waste and reducing the environmental impact of expired electrical equipment.”

    “This agreement will contribute to educating the public and concerned parties about the importance of safe and correct disposal of electronic waste. Mobily believes in the necessity of playing a leading role in environmental protection to reduce the impact of technology on the world around us. From this standpoint, we are committed to continuing the work of developing initiatives that enhance the company’s sustainability and contribute to community service,” Malki added.

    The Ericsson Product Take-Back Program is responsible for the disposal and recycling of electrical equipment at the end-of-life stage. This is done based on the highest international industry standards through the collection, decommissioning, transportation, and environmentally sound recycling of obsolete technology hardware.

    The program is part of Ericsson’s extended producer responsibility, which aims for environment-friendly recycling through product retrieval and safe disposal services. This is also in line with Saudi’s 2030 vision and its commitment to the Sustainable Development goals whereby the kingdom endeavors to tackle many sustainable development issues, including climate change.

    “Waste from electrical and electronic equipment (e-waste) is one of the fastest-growing environmental hazards in the world,” Ekow Nelson, Vice President of Ericsson Middle East and Africa.

    He continued: “The telecom industry has a huge role to play in reducing e-waste, and this is a reason why Mobily and Ericsson have partnered in the Product Take-Back Program. The program would enable Mobily to recycle large quantities of obsolete technological equipment responsibly, thereby reducing the environmental impact in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia whilst complementing Mobily’s efforts in becoming a socially responsible telecom operator.” 

    With Ericsson’s Sustainability and Corporate Responsibility Report (2020) identifying waste from electrical equipment as one of the fastest-growing waste streams in the world. By working together with Ericsson, Mobily seeks to put the environment at the forefront of its business operations and raise awareness about the best e-waste disposal and recycling practices across the industry.

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