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    Internet of animals. How digitalization will change the relationship between humans and nature

    The Internet of Animals may follow the Internet of People and the Internet of Things. At least, Knife author thinks so. Let’s read the full story.  People, pets, livestock, wild birds, and mammals will become participants in a common communicative space (just one example: in Bashkiria, agricultural specialists manage the herd via the Internet, controlling […]

    UAE public asked to help with dolphin sighting project

    Citizen science data helps researchers in the UAE to understand marine life in the region. Scientists have compiled sightings of dolphins, porpoises, and even whales from members of the public in the Arabian Gulf between 2012 and 2019 through the UAE Dolphin Project Initiative. Now efforts are being stepped up to encourage more people to […]

    Abu Dhabi releases red list of at-risk species

    Threatened or endangered species in Abu Dhabi have been detailed for the first time in a report. The Abu Dhabi Red List of Wildlife Species assesses the threat status of the emirate’s terrestrial and marine creatures, The National News reports. The report by the Environment Agency – Abu Dhabi follows a project to understand the […]

    The deadly business: July 4th marks the World Day for Captive Dolphins

    World Day for Captive Dolphins is held annually on 4 July to remember those animals confined in captivity and others which continue to be taken from the wild in marine parks and aquariums. This day is an opportunity for us to remember the plight of the thousands of whales, dolphins, and porpoises held in captivity […]

    Should we, humanity, keep dolphins in “cans”?

    Dolphinariums and zoos – what should we do with them in near future? Animal protection and conservation organizations have been asking themselves this question for decades. Let’s try to make it clear on the example of dolphins. Dolphins are wild animals that are accustomed to living in the open sea, hunting for live fish (in […]

    UK ambassador to Saudi Arabia praises Saudi commitment to protecting Red Sea environment
    05 Jun 2021

    Britain’s ambassador to Saudi Arabia has shared his admiration of the work the Kingdom’s government is doing to protect and preserve the environment, Arab News reports. Speaking from the Red Sea coastal town of Umluj, which boasts some of the most beautiful beaches in the country, Neil Crompton praised Saudi authorities for their commitment to […]

    The voices of sea animals in ‘Born to be Free’

    One of the most notable films about dolphins’ rights is ‘Born to be Free’ produced by the Russian Federation and Great Britain (2016). The director of the film is Gayane Petrosyan, the producer is Mike Lerner. The film is notable for its combination of documentary materials and a powerful message of protest. The story film […]