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    TRSDC unveils spectacular Desert Rock mountain resort
    11 Oct 2021

    The Red Sea Development Company (TRSDC), the developer behind the world’s most ambitious regenerative tourism project, the Red Sea Project (TRSP), has revealed design plans for its new mountain resort named Desert Rock in the beautiful wadi vistas in the west of the country. Created by the world-class architectural design firm, Oppenheim Architecture, Desert Rock […]

    Why water has become a luxury commodity and how to divide all 3% of the fresh water on Earth

    While we forget to turn off the tap when brushing our teeth, the world is already calling water “blue gold of the XXI century” and “new oil.” These names emphasize that water supplies are dwindling, and our needs are increasing. Today it becomes evident that this everyday blessing is, actually, a luxury that is not […]

    Denis Villeneuve explained why he filmed “Dune” in the hottest months in the UAE desert

    Denis Villeneuve filmed “Dune” in the desert near the Liwa Oasis in Abu Dhabi, choosing July and August for filming. These are the hottest months in this area, when temperatures reach 50°C and above, writes IndieWire. But it was this kind of weather that fit into the director’s visual concept.  “I found what I was […]

    The US billionaire plans to build a smart eco-metropolis in the middle of the desert

    The first thing that catches your eye is the paradox between the declared environmental friendliness and the very idea of ​​building a city from scratch, even in the middle of the desert. In September, 50-year-old billionaire Mark Laurie, founder of Diapers.com and Jet.com, announced the construction of a futuristic metropolis called Telos. The city will be […]

    Colorful destinations: what to do in every season in Iran?
    20 Sep 2021

    If you think about traveling to Iran whenever the coronavirus is finally behind us, you might wonder what time of year is best. Iran is known for being a destination to fall in love with as its mesmerizing traditional architecture, serene deserts, jagged mountains, emerald jungles, and above all, its hospitable people. It is one […]

    Natural wonders of Iran: Jaazmoorian Red-Water Pond, a miracle at desert’s heart

    Jazmoorian Red-Water (Aab-Sorkh) Pond, by the city of Jiroft in Kerman province, south of Iran, portrays magic in the world’s hottest desert, IRNA states. The vast pond covers a large area expanding between Iran’s two provinces of Sistan and Baluchestan, and Kerman. It is one of the most beautiful ponds of the country, with its […]

    Natural wonders of Iran: virgin environment in Sistan & Baluchestan
    14 Sep 2021

    Sistan & Baluchestan, Iran’s largest province spanning over 1,100 square kilometers, has created a great capacity of tourism by its virgin environment with various species of animals and plants, as well as mountains, deserts, and the sea. The environment of Sistan & Baluchestan Province in southeast Iran has wonderful beauties that have always attracted large […]

    UNEP launched a virtual journey through three unique desert ecosystems

    Deserts and drylands are often far from the barren images they are known for. These ecosystems play a vital role in climate regulation – nearly 46% of global carbon is stored in drylands. Despite the harsh conditions, they are home to over 2 billion people and harbor some of the world’s rarest biodiversity. Many deserts […]

    A 3-hectare desert farm in Jordan can grow about 130 tons of vegetables a year

    Vegetables grow in the desert in Aqaba, Jordan, at a recently opened station as part of the Sahara Forest project. The sun, saltwater, and carbon dioxide are used to grow food and produce clean energy and freshwater. The new 3-hectare plant will be able to grow about 130 tons of vegetables a year and produce […]

    The Al Baydha Project: How Regenerative Agriculture Revived Green Life In A Saudi Arabian Desert

    From desert to a thriving, green land. It’s nothing short of a miracle, you might say. But this miracle was born of hard work and a vision. Let’s read the story by the Green Prophet. Al Baydha is an area in western Saudi Arabia, about 20 miles south of Mecca.  It comprises nine villages inside […]