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    “The People against Shell”:  Netherlands court orders oil giant to cut emissions
    02 Jun 2021

    Climate activists won a landmark victory over Anglo-Dutch Shell corporation, effectively forcing the company to accelerate plans to cut carbon emissions by 45% by 2030. Achieving these goals could put pressure on the company’s new production projects. On May 26, a Dutch court ordered Shell, one of the largest oil and gas companies and the […]

    The most high-profile lawsuits on climate change. Part I
    28 May 2021

    Let’s continue our review that we started in the previous article. Thanks to Eco Action NGO volunteers for their brilliant work. Case 4: Julian v. The US Federal Government The United States is the largest producer and consumer of oil and natural gas, has one of the largest parks of coal-fired power plants and is […]

    The most high-profile lawsuits on climate change
    27 May 2021

    Going to court to protect human rights is becoming an important tool in the fight against climate change. Courtrooms around the world have become one of the front lines for those seeking to limit the scale of the climate crisis. The main reason for the lawsuits is the inaction or too weak policy of most […]