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    Flea markets: the Finnish experienc

    A wide variety of Finnish flea markets are collectively referred to as Kirpputori. It is by no means possible to call them localized places where people come to buy something or sell their goods. Kirputoria can be either small shops or grow to entire markets, often occupying entire squares. Let’s get to know more thanks […]

    Companies in the EU find it difficult to determine the percentage of “green” operations in their activities

    Many European companies are getting ready to tell investors how much revenue, capital investment and operating expenses are generated by activities that regulators consider environmentally friendly, WSJ states. Coming from January 1, the publicly listed EU business community with more than 500 employees who are subject to the EU Green Taxonomy Non-Financial Reporting Directive will […]

    From renewables to reforms: how Saudi Arabia made strides in 2021

    In 2021, Saudi Arabia kept up the breakneck speed of reforms that have, in recent years, propelled it to become a dynamic business, tourism, and cultural destination. The kingdom has undertaken some of the world’s most ambitious megaprojects, The National News states. From education reform and changing women’s role in society to investing billions in […]

    How to prevent a global ecological catastrophe: Bill Gates’ plan
    03 Jan 2022

    Microsoft co-founder, philanthropist, and green energy investor Bill Gates recently released How To Avoid a Climate Disaster book. After spending ten years studying the causes of climate change, he developed a detailed plan for humankind to achieve zero CO2 emissions. Knife journalists have read an excerpt from this book, which was published in Time magazine, […]

    The European Commission introduced a package of bills to create a hydrogen market in the EU
    30 Dec 2021

    The European Commission has prepared a package of bills to decarbonize the European gas market and create a hydrogen market in the European Union in the context of implementing the Green Deal strategy. “With today’s proposals, we are creating the conditions for a green transition in our gas sector by encouraging the use of“ clean […]

    Investment in climate change technology skyrockets in 2021 – PwC
    29 Dec 2021

    Investments in companies developing technologies to combat the climate crisis increased to $87.5 billion in the first six months of this year, a new study by PwC showed. Thus, the growth was 210% compared to $24.8 billion in the same period a year earlier, according to a study by the State of Climate Tech 2021. […]

    World raw material prices have risen steadily in 2021

    The dynamics of commodity markets remained volatile this year: prices for wheat, coffee, sugar, wood, and energy rose steadily, while gold prices fell despite accelerating inflation. The cost of coffee in 2021 has doubled amid adverse weather conditions in Brazil, which destroyed most of the crop, writes MarketWatch. “There was a terrible drought, and then […]

    Using sustainable finance theory to save the environment

    People usually perceive the finance sector to be the environment’s arch-enemy, with its supposed fixation on short-term profits, whatever the cost. However, the theories the Goldman Sachses of this world use to make money can also be used to save the environment, if we are open-minded enough to get past the stigma of big finance, […]

    Sustainable fashion is not a trend; it’s a necessity, says e-commerce platform chief

    For many, sustainable fashion is an interest or trend. For the founders of the global sustainable e-commerce platform Plain Tiger, it’s a necessity, Arab News states. In the middle of the night, Oliver Baillie woke up in his new home in South Africa to find strange men in his house. He began thrashing, worried it […]

    Saudi Arabia startups see massive growth in eco-friendly ‘impact’ funding

    Venture capital impact investment in Saudi Arabia reached a new high in 2021 in both total numbers of transactions and capital deployed, according to a report produced by MAGNiTT and sponsored by Wa’ed, Saudi Aramco’s entrepreneurship arm. Impact investments aim to generate a measurable social and environmental benefit alongside a financial return, Arab News reports. […]