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    Smart skin and “saved” trash: what our future will be made of

    People learned to synthesize substances and materials that surpassed all known natural compounds in characteristics in the XX century. The cost of laboratory success turned out to be unexpectedly high. Due to the abundance of synthetic materials, we faced a garbage crisis and other severe consequences for the environment. There is only one way out […]

    Kenyan girl has developed a startup that is potentially a gold mine

    An energetic enthusiast from Kenya has developed a unique formulation of extra strong bricks and paving stones. An extraordinary girl from an African country managed to develop a mortar composition for paving stones (paving slabs), bricks and plastic utility hole covers. Nzambi Mati created a material 5-7 times stronger than concrete and even received a […]

    Four prominent eco-solutions of 2020 from all over the world

    Beehives, moss, and hydrogen energy – science does not stand still, and scientists successfully promote their inventions for the benefit of the environment! With the shutdown of many industries worldwide and traffic reduction due to a complete lockdown, the amount of carbon dioxide emitted into the atmosphere decreased by 8.8% – 1.55 million tons of […]

    “Sustainability should be a key priority in malls’ planning” – Doha Festival City manager

    As significant business ventures with a potentially high environmental impact, sustainability should be a key priority in malls’ planning and development, Doha Festival City (DHFC) general manager Robert Hall has said to Gulf-Times. “In the current context of climate change, being at the forefront of both policy and defining consumer behavior, malls must take their […]

    ‘Grand fantasy project.’ Turks fear impact of Erdoğan’s $65bn Istanbul canal

    There isn’t usually a lot going on at the Sazlıdere dam north-west of Istanbul, one of several reservoirs providing the megacity with fresh water. Yet this week the calm expanse of forest, farms, and marshland was at the center of the latest battle of narratives in Turkish politics. On June, 26, President Recep Tayip Erdoğan […]