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    Power returns to Lebanon after a 24-hour blackout
    11 Oct 2021

    Power has been restored in Lebanon, officials say, after a 24-hour shutdown of the country’s energy supply, BBC reports. The energy ministry says the central bank has granted it $100 m of credit to buy fuel and keep its power stations operating. The power grid shut down on October 9, and officials said it was […]

    How bad is China’s energy crisis?
    02 Oct 2021

    China is implementing power rationing as supplies dwindle due to the price rise of imported coal. Let’s get to know what happens, thanks to The Guardian. The situation is widespread. In recent days, factories in 20 of China’s 31 provinces have suffered a loss of power, forcing many to shut down production, at least for […]

    Deliveries under threat. In China, Apple and Tesla plants stopped due to power outages
    29 Sep 2021

    Power shortages in China have led to shutdowns at many plants, including Apple and Tesla, Reuters reports. According to Chinese suppliers, the plants stopped due to power outages. Some shops are open by candlelight in the northeast of the country, and shopping centers have closed. Thus, the crisis has already begun to spread beyond China; […]