Deliveries under threat. In China, Apple and Tesla plants stopped due to power outages

    29 Sep 2021

    Power shortages in China have led to shutdowns at many plants, including Apple and Tesla, Reuters reports. According to Chinese suppliers, the plants stopped due to power outages. Some shops are open by candlelight in the northeast of the country, and shopping centers have closed.

    Thus, the crisis has already begun to spread beyond China; there is a risk of disruption in international supply chains.

    This could affect the supply of the iPhone 13, according to Nikkei.

    Why is there a power outage in China

    Blackouts in the country are ordered by local authorities, introducing a regime of austerity in coal and gas.

    The energy crisis hit the northeast and south of China the hardest.

    In these regions, shopping malls have closed, shops are partially open by candlelight, and electricity supply during peak hours is “normalized.”

    In total, about 15 Chinese companies have announced the cessation of production.

    Similar statements were made by 30 Taiwanese companies whose production facilities are located in mainland China.

    Analysts believe that the lack of electricity has damaged industrial production in several regions of China and worsens the country’s economic growth prospects.

    China, the world’s largest consumer of energy and a source of greenhouse gases that contribute to global warming, has said it seeks to bring carbon emissions to a peak by 2030 and to zero by 2060.

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