Tag: Biodiversity

    The survey team gathers more than 230 samples in Marmul concession area

    A survey conducted by the National Field Research Centre for Environmental Conservation (NFRCEC) has collected over 230 samples that recorded the presence of Arabian wolf, striped hyena, Arabian gazelle, hare, honey badger, red fox, Blandford fox and Ethiopian hedgehog. The National Field Research Centre for Environmental Conservation (NFRCEC) at the Diwan of Royal Court conducted […]

    18 Arabian oryx released into fenced Sealine Reserve

    Have you seen an Arabian Oryx in Qatar yet? How about an ostrich? A deer, may be? If you haven’t, the Ministry of Environment and Climate Change has got you covered. Its Department of Natural Reserves has released 18 Arabian oryx in to a fenced Sealine Reserve near Mesaieed in a move that will be […]

    EU will allocate over €26 billion to three regions for problem-solving and development
    02 Jan 2022

    The European Union will provide €26.3 billion for a seven-year program to support partner regions worldwide to help them build infrastructure, combat climate change, promote social inclusion, human development, manage migration, address gender issues, and conserve biodiversity. “We need to match our words with actions. The investments under the Global Europe program will ensure that […]

    Soil conservation is key to environmental sustainability – particularly in fragile environments like Qatar

    Soil conservation is a key to environmental sustainability. It helps protect natural resources and watersheds, restores habitats for plants and wildlife, improves water quality, and makes soil healthier. The soil ecosystem plays a vital role in climate change as it regulates soil carbon sequestration and greenhouse gas emissions. A significant objective of conservation of the […]

    Saudi Arabia: 9 held for poaching in Saudi reserve

    Saudi police had arrested nine persons for trespassing into a protected reserve for illegal hunting, local media reported. The arrests were made by the Special Forces for Environmental Security (SFES) who caught the offenders with five falcons used for hunting in their possession in the Royal Turki bin Abdullah Reserve in the region of Ha’il […]

    Top Emirati environmentalist urges action over global biodiversity collapse

    The managing director of the Abu Dhabi Environment Agency on December 7 urged the international community to take action to prevent global biodiversity loss, which she often said “plays second fiddle” to the issue of climate change in international agreements. Speaking at an online event hosted by the Emirates Society and attended by Arab News, […]

    Greenpeace: half a century on the frontline of environmental photo activism

    Fifty years ago, on 15 September 1971, a ship named the Greenpeace set out to confront and stop US nuclear weapons testing at Amchitka, one of the Aleutian Islands in southwest Alaska. On the organization’s 50th anniversary, the former head of photography at Greenpeace International told The Guardian about the motives behind the creation of […]

    Thames is no longer a dead place: there are sharks and seals again. In 1957, the river was declared “biologically dead”

    Specialists of the Zoological Society of London (ZSL) have been monitoring the ecology of the Thames and its estuary for many years. In 1957, the river was declared “biologically dead”, but already in the 1990s, the situation began to improve, National Geographic states. In the early 2000s, the Thames Marine Mammal Sightings Survey (TMMSS) program […]

    Environment Agency – Abu Dhabi launches new series of podcasts

    The Environment Agency – Abu Dhabi (EAD), in partnership with Borouge, has launched a podcast as part of a series of episodes titled “Naturally Educated”, WAM reports. The podcast focuses on important environmental topics, hosting an expert who will be sharing their knowledge and experience. It will be on the EAD’s Sustainable Campus Initiative (SCI) […]

    Arabian oryx returns to the wild in Saudi Arabia

    After decades spent close to extinction, the Arabian oryx has been successfully returned to the wild in Saudi Arabia. Hunting and capturing haves led to a precarious future for the animal, native to the Arabian peninsula. Saudi conservationists have worked hard to preserve oryx numbers in captivity with a view to releasing them into the […]