Environment Agency – Abu Dhabi launches new series of podcasts

    18 Nov 2021

    The Environment Agency – Abu Dhabi (EAD), in partnership with Borouge, has launched a podcast as part of a series of episodes titled “Naturally Educated”, WAM reports.

    The podcast focuses on important environmental topics, hosting an expert who will be sharing their knowledge and experience. It will be on the EAD’s Sustainable Campus Initiative (SCI) – a youth-focused website.

    The first episode has been released, with the EAD planning to produce several other episodes based around a wide range of topics that aim to inspire, share knowledge, and serve as a tool used in university curricula to support research and project-based learnings.

    The first episode featured Humaid Abdulla Kanji, an Environmental Economist in the Integrated Environment Policy and Planning (IEPP) Sector at the agency, dedicated to climate change. With climate change increasingly impacting the environment, Al Kanji discussed the better choices everyone can make and what is currently happening on the ground to tackle the issue. He also discussed how the challenge of climate change has shifted since the COVID-19 pandemic.

    From air pollution and biodiversity loss to sustainability, circular economy, and climate change, the podcast will tackle many challenges facing the planet today.

    The podcasts were selected as a tool for learning as it helps youth better understand topic concepts, not just remember them and they help engage younger viewers and expand their knowledge base.

    Additionally, the podcasts increase awareness of environmental sustainability and encourage young people to participate in the community.

    Khansa Ibraheem Al Blouki, Director, Environmental Outreach Environmental Information, Science and Outreach Management Division at the EAD, said, “At the EAD we always strive to be progressive and in tune with the most popular media channels of today. As such, we decided to develop a series of podcasts because we know that as a medium it is very effective in reaching our young people. In fact, studies have proven that listeners trust podcasts more than traditional media. We are aware that youth are shifting away from traditional media towards a digital world and we want to capture and engage with this movement.”

    Khansa added, “We have meticulously selected the hosts who we believe would be credible and who have a solid following of our target audience. We have also carefully chosen our experts from within the agency that we believe can provide scientific, informative and interesting data about all the hot environmental topics resonating around the world.”

    Maitha Al Marashi, Vice President Sustainability, from Borouge said, “We are very excited about the utilization of podcasts as a tool to discuss and share with the community important topics related to the environment in a manner that is not generic. The youth of today prefer to watch or listen to data, and through this series of podcasts, we will be better prepared to engage with them and attract them to take action.”

    The two hosts are Sheikh Dr. Majid Al Qassimi, Director of Animal Health and Development from the Ministry of Climate Change and Environment, who sits on the advisory Board of the UAE University College of Food and Agriculture, and Abdul Rahman Al Zaabi, holder of a master’s degree in Renewable Energy from Masdar Institute in Abu Dhabi.

    The second episode will feature Rashed Mohamed Al Zaabi, a scientist in the Terrestrial and Marine Biodiversity Sector (TMBS) at the EAD.

    The third episode will be an interview with Maitha Mohamed Al Hameli, a Lead Specialist in Marine Threatened Species and Habitats at the TMBS Sector in the EAD.


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