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    Bee’ah Tandeef launches UAE’s first used cooking oil recycling program for communities

    Bee’ah Tandeef has launched a used cooking oil recycling service to reduce the negative impact of typical disposal methods while contributing to a zero-waste future, WAM reports. In homes, used cooking oil is usually poured down the drain. It stresses plumbing systems, creates clogs, and ultimately leads to expensive, time-consuming maintenance work for municipalities and […]

    The Japanese transport company makes fuel from the remnants of broth

    The Japanese transport company has managed to make fuel from the remnants of ramen broth (Japanese cuisine with wheat noodles and broth). The company called Nishida Shoun began to produce biodiesel fuel for trucks, Kyodo News reports. About 2 thousand catering establishments provide raw materials for the production of the company. To do this, employees […]