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    UAE at 50: Aviation industry flies towards sustainable and tech-driven growth

    The UAE’s aviation industry has soared to great heights since the country welcomed its first travellers in the 1960s, developing over the decades into a global powerhouse for air connectivity and standing in the post-COVID era at the cusp of a changing landscape with plans for sustainable and technology-driven future growth. The local aviation industry’s […]

    What it takes to recycle the world’s biggest passenger aircraft

    More than 90% by weight of the Airbus A380 can be repurposed in one form or another, analysts estimate. An A380 Airbus superjumbo sits on the tarmac where it is dismantled at the site of French recycling and storage aerospace company Tarmac Aerosave in Tarbes. Emirates, the biggest customer of the Airbus A380, said earlier […]

    Decarbonizing aviation: the future of electric aviation and sustainable aviation fuel

    The aviation industry is set to become a major carbon emitter. Solutions like electric aviation and sustainable aviation fuel could help decarbonize the sector. Let’s check how Earth.org authors examine the progress made towards electric aviation and sustainable aviation fuel and how it enables the adoption of carbon neutral solutions. As with many sustainability issues, […]

    118 private jets take leaders to COP26 climate summit burning over 1,000 tons of CO2
    09 Nov 2021

    As the COP26 climate conference opened on Monday (1 November), 50 private jets landed at Glasgow and Edinburgh airports, ferrying their passengers to one of the most critical environmental summits in history. Are those flights eco-friendly, Forbes asked the readers? Definitely, no. Let’s check the full article. *** In the run-up to the event, 118 […]

    Qatar Airways engages with IATA on environmental sustainability training

    Qatar Airways has selected the ‘Certificate of Advanced Studies in Environmental Sustainability in Aviation Programme’ offered in partnership between the International Air Transport Association (IATA) and the University of Geneva. Qatar Airways is the first airline in the Middle East to secure accreditation to the highest level in the IATA Environmental Assessment Programme (IEnvA), Gulf […]