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    Pope Francis says choosing pets over kids is selfish

    Pope Francis has suggested people who choose to have pets over children are acting selfishly. He criticized people who decided not to have children, but to have pets instead. The pope was speaking to a general audience on January 5, when he turned his sermon to fatherhood. The Pope’s comments came as he was discussing […]

    Spain approves new law recognizing animals as ‘sentient beings’

    Under a new law passed in Spain, domestic and wild animals are no longer considered objects. The relevant law was approved by Spain’s lower house, the Congress of Deputies, on December 3. And animal rights activists have been promoting it for 4 years, El Pais reports. Under EU law, animals are recognized as ‘sentient beings’, […]

    French zoo closed temporarily after pack of nine wolves escape

    A French zoo has been temporarily shut down by local authorities after a pack of nine wolves escaped from their enclosure during visiting hours, BBC reports. No people were injured during incident last weekend at Trois Vallées zoo in Montredon-Labessonnie, southern France. The animals destroyed safety hatches and climbed a fence, but never went outside […]

    Lobsters and crabs are sentient beings and shouldn’t be boiled alive, UK report says

    Octopuses, crabs and lobsters are capable of experiencing pain or suffering, according to a review commissioned by the UK government, which has added the creatures to a list of sentient beings to be given protection under new animal welfare laws, CNN states. The report by experts at the London School of Economics looked at 300 […]

    Italy has adopted a “historic” ban on fur farms, the last of which will close in 6 months

    Italy has banned fur farms. They now have 10 such kind of farms, and all are due to close in the coming months. Government will pay farmers monetary compensation, Plant Based News reports. The Budget Committee of the Italian Senate voted in favor of approving the amended version of the amendment to the budget law. […]

    France has banned the use of wild animals in circuses and shows

    The French parliament has voted to end the use of wild animals in circus performances from 2023, spelling an end to performing tigers, lions, or bears. Violators will be fined and even imprisoned. The French parliament outlawed mink farming, in new animal rights legislation hailed as a step forward by campaigners. In two years, the […]

    Historic victory: France bans the farming of wild animals for their fur

    In a historic move, on November 18 the French senate voted by an overwhelming majority in favor of legislation to end the farming of wild animals for their fur. The ban will go into immediate effect and will see the two remaining French mink fur farms shut down. This will save thousands of animals from […]

    Anticipation builds for ‘Catwalk’ as international entities sign up to support big cats

    International and Saudi Arabia-based entities are showing their support for the nonprofit foundation Catmosphere’s campaign “Catwalk,” set to take place on November 6, Arab News reports. The campaign is a seven-kilometer outdoor walk, with big cat lovers being invited to join from anywhere around the world. Founded by the Saudi ambassador to the US, Princess […]

    Why do we have to give up fur and leather clothes, and what are the alternatives

    Ethical consumption is the result of consciousness. Usually, people don’t care what they wear is made from. But workers’ rights must be respected in production, and that production does not harm the environment and animals. Let’s read Anastasia Pokropivna, representative of the “Fur-free retail” campaign of the NGO “Open Cages,” an explanation of what ethical […]

    Finland will be the first in Europe to vaccinate mink against the COVID-19

    Finland will soon start introducing a specially developed coronavirus vaccine to minks, Yle reports. The Finnish Food Authority has issued a permit to The Finnish Breeders’ Association (FIFUR) to use the mink coronavirus vaccine. The vaccine was developed by a team of scientists at the University of Helsinki. FurcoVac was tested in a university laboratory […]