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    UAE, Israel to focus on increasing mutual investments, says official

    Israeli Foreign Minister Yair Lapid has shared his thoughts on the growing ties between the UAE and Israel ahead of the new year in an exclusive interview with Khaleej Times. Let’s read the full story. Following a year of cooperation in the fields of tech, health, agriculture, food and water security, tourism, defence, and space, […]

    Palestinian olives and Egyptian mangoes: The crops climate change threatens
    18 Dec 2021

    Middle East Eye takes a look at some of the produce that has already been impacted by climate change in the region. Let’s check it. *** Many of the world’s most important food-growing countries are facing the consequences of climate change, and states in the Middle East and North Africa are no exception.  Rising temperatures […]

    Beef: what’s the most environmentally responsible choice?

    We continue our review of opinions about cultivated (cellular) meat. We’ve found a remarkable opinion on this issue written in 2019 by Dr. Jonathan Foley (his Twitter is @GlobalEcoGuy). He’s a climate & environmental scientist, writer, and speaker. He’s also the Executive Director of Project Drawdown, the world’s leading resource for climate solutions.   *** […]

    Meat from a test tube: the beginning of the end of the era of livestock?

    We’ve found for you a few facts about cultivated (cellular) meat. Also there are additional opnion by eco-activist Olexiy Burkovsky about the future of livestock connected with this remarkable invention. *** Do not be surprised by quotes and direct speech of scientists, marketers and other professionals, because the format of this article was just a […]

    Abu Dhabi Agriculture and Food Security Week opened on November 23

    The Abu Dhabi Agriculture and Food Security Week 2021 opened on November 23 and will continue until November 25 at the Abu Dhabi National Exhibition Centre (ADNEC). The event is held under the patronage of the Deputy Prime Minister, Minister of Presidential Affairs, and Chairman of the Abu Dhabi Agriculture & Food Safety Authority (ADAFSA) […]

    City-garden: why farming in apartments and on roofs is great

    When people fill the whole earth with asphalt and build high-rise buildings, vegetables will grow inside homes – on shelves and roofs. That is already growing. Have you ever tasted a salad with green onions grown on your own windowsill? If so, you have already joined the city farm. We’ve found an excellent explanation by […]

    Forever Green campaign reaches Zallaq Highway, King Faisal Highway with support from BANAGAS, BBK

    Bahrain National Gas Company (Banagas) and the Bank of Bahrain and Kuwait have joined the “Forever Green” campaign by generously supporting the planting of trees alongside the Zallaq Highway and the King Faisal Highway in Manama, respectively, BNA reports. The afforestation, implemented in cooperation with the Ministry of Works, Municipalities Affairs and Urban Planning and […]

    Rewilding is the hope facing the threat of modern agribusiness

    Humans use about 40% of the land as agricultural land, and if we remove from this indicator unsuitable or uninhabitable areas (the Arctic and arid deserts), then more than half. The agricultural lands have destroyed or transformed a vast number of the most productive ecosystems involved in forming and maintaining humane habitats. Let’s check the […]

    The Environmental Photographer of the Year – 14th edition

    Now in its 14th year, The Environmental Photographer of the Year competition showcases the most inspirational environmental photography worldwide.  The award celebrates humanity’s ability to survive and innovate and showcases thought-provoking images that call attention to our impact and inspire us to live sustainably. The winners have been announced in the environmental photographer of the […]

    ‘Expo Live’ program benefits 5.8 million-plus people worldwide

    More than 5.8 million people – including farmers, traders, students, teachers, doctors, patients, and people of determination – have benefitted from the work of 140 social entrepreneurs supported under Expo 2020 Dubai’s global innovation and partnership program Expo Live, WAM reports. The Expo Live grantees – named ‘Global Innovators’ – have committed themselves to making […]