‘We breathe it in while we sleep’: Iraqi Kirkuk troubled by air pollution

    A nasty smell is spreading through eastern Kirkuk in Iraq, and residents are worried about the effect on their health from nearby industries, including oil facilities, Rudaw reports. “We don’t smell the nasty scent all the time, but sometimes we do. It smells like burnt crude. Our air conditioners pull the smell into our houses. […]

    Benefits of a competitive GCC in the post-oil era

    The sooner each GCC country defines their specialised positions, the sooner they will be able to seize the opportunities of the new post-oil era. This is what Noha Al Dhahri, consultant from OCO Global, states in the Arabian Business article. As crude oil prices decreased in mid-2014, the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) awoke to the […]

    Container ship Ever Given returns to Suez canal for another attempt

    The vessel that caused global disruption when it got stuck is heading for the Red Sea again, The Guardian reports. In a rematch of the struggle that dominated global headlines earlier this year, the 400-meter, 220,000-tonne container ship that became lodged in the Suez canal for nearly a week, disrupting trade on a global scale, […]

    In Haiti, a week after the earthquake, 24 survivors were found under the rubble

    One week after the earthquake in Haiti, 24 survivors, including four children, were rescued from the rubble. Until now, they were considered missing, News Miami TV channel Telesur reports. According to it, rescuers found people in the area of ​​Mount Mackay Peak in the South Department. They were taken by helicopter to the nearest commune. […]

    Thousands of trees have died in Dubai after costly real estate projects thwarted attempts to halt desertification

    Let’s look at the Dubai nature conservation efforts from the point of view of The Guardian. Its journalist states that the One Million Trees initiative went in not such a brilliant way as it could be. It all began so beautifully, with the ruler of Dubai photographed planting the first tree of his ambitious environmental […]

    FANR built a solid nuclear and radiological regulatory infrastructure in UAE for protection of the public and environment: Annual Report 2020

    The Federal Authority for Nuclear Regulation (FANR), the United Arab Emirates’ independent nuclear regulator, has issued its 2020 Annual Report, illustrating its efforts to regulate nuclear and radiological sectors in the UAE to ensure the protection of the public, workers, and the environment. In 2020, despite the challenges caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, FANR successfully […]

    The life and death of Rebwar Gholizadeh, environmentalist, intellectual, PJAK fighter from Iraq

    Let’s check the story by Rudaw from a war-thorn Iraqi Kurdistan. *** Children and parents alike giggled as they played in a stream lined by weeping willow trees, a vein of life in a remote village otherwise slumbering in the overpowering late June sun. Nearby, a white Toyota pick-up truck carrying four plainclothes militants made […]

    Millennials and Z Generation worry about crucial societal issues and climate change too – survey

    Millennials and Generation Z are urging social change and social responsibility. At least, so say the authors of the tenth study by Deloitte company. Most young people believe that humanity has reached a critical point where key societal issues, such as climate change, inequality, and discrimination, can no longer be ignored. In July 2021, the […]

    Nature protection is a key aspect of Oman’s Vision 2040

    Protecting the environment and conserving Oman’s rich biodiversity are among the key objectives under Vision 2040, a senior official at the country’s Environment Authority has said. Oman recently presented its sixth national report on biodiversity to the Secretariat of the United Nations Convention on Biological Diversity, which looks at what the country has done to […]

    The balance between “slow life” and “modern world”: is it our common future?

    Some countries of the Persian Gulf are an example of how countries of a “temperate” climate will live if all forests and historically formed ecosystems are destroyed. In such a hypothetical (and apocalyptic) case, Europe, for example, would have to desalinate water, live in artificially air-conditioned cities, and grow fruits and vegetables not in open-air […]