Zubair SEC member company Recycling Service renews waste management agreement with Oasis Water Company

    27 May 2021

    Zubair Small Enterprises Centre (Zubair SEC)’s member company Recycling Services and Oasis Water Company, leading manufacturer of pure drinking water, have renewed their waste management agreement. As Times of Oman reports, it was attended by Al Sahib, Director of Zubair SEC.

    Facilitated by Zubair SEC, Recycling Services and Oasis Water Company recently signed a waste management and collection agreement. The agreement was signed by Mahmoud Al Amri, CEO, Recycling Services and Saleh Al Amari, Deputy General Manager-Admin & HR, Oasis Water Company.

    Mahmoud Al Amri is the founder of Recycling Services, a waste management company which was among the 10 winners of the Zubair SEC’s flagship Direct Support Programme (DSP) for the year 2017. It may be recalled that Zubair SEC had signed an agreement with Ominvest in 2016 to support small and medium enterprises (SMEs) and aspiring entrepreneurs to develop their business ideas in Oman under the DSP programme.

    As part of the agreement, Recycling Services was selected for the Ominvest seat within the boundaries of DSP which is a mentorship program for high-potential novice entrepreneurs and young business owners. Recycling Services had then concurred to work with Ominvest to highlight the importance of raising a culture of environmental responsibility, especially waste management.

    It is worth mentioning that the first agreement was signed about two years ago in 2018. As part of the agreement, Recycling Services has been collecting waste on a daily basis from Oasis Water Company and ensured that waste is treated and managed as per standards set by Oman Environmental Services Holding Company (Be’ah), the government-owned entity that streamlines waste management services in Oman.

    This cooperation has significantly reduced the proportion of materials sent to the waste and made the most of recyclable materials. Recycling is also one of the areas of great interest in Oman. With technologies constantly evolving globally, Recycling Service has followed up these new developments and adopted the best industry practices locally.

    Said Al Sahib, Director of Zubair SEC, said, “The renewal of this contract demonstrates confidence Oasis Water Company has in the Zubair SEC member company Recycling Services. Zubair SEC is glad to have provided the necessary guidance and support to our member. I would like to thank Oasis Water Company for their continuous cooperation and for giving the Omani SMEs the opportunity to grow. These opportunities contribute to the continuous development of SMEs. I would also like to thank Ominvest for its support and adoption of the Recycling Service Company as part of the Direct Support Programme.”

    Saleh Al Ameri, Deputy General Manager-Admin & HR, Oasis Water Company, said, “We are pleased to renew the agreement with Recycling Services. The company has proven its ability to provide the best solutions for managing our company’s waste in modern and environmentally friendly ways. He added, “Small Omani enterprises only need to be given opportunities to prove themselves and be competitive in the market. The role of large companies in giving them openings in order to contribute to the development of this sector of SMEs must be appreciated.”

    Mahmoud Al Amri, CEO and founder of The Recycling Services Company, said, “At the beginning, I would like to express my gratitude for the trust shown by Oasis Water Company and renewing the agreement. We hope to offer our best services. Working with a company like Oasis Water Company has played a major role in the growth of the Recycling Service as a company. I would also like to thank Ominvest for its role in the growth of our company by sponsoring our seat in the Direct Support Programme and its continued support.

    “We hope to continue to provide the best solutions in the world of waste management and recycling. We are immensely thankful to Zubair SEC for their guidance and knowledge. With the support we have received from the centre, we have been able to expand our operations and set clear development goals for our business.”

    Zubair SEC has built a strong base for its dynamic members and companies like Oman Oasis are pleased to collaborate with founders of Recycling Services who are doing great work in the area of environmental services.

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