Zayed University students land 2nd-prize at environment competition in China

    16 Jun 2022

    DUBAI, 14th June, 2022 (WAM) — A team of three students from Zayed University’s (ZU), College of Natural & Health Sciences (CNHS), have recently won the second place prize in the Smart Environment Category at the 2022 International Student Conference on Environment and Sustainability (ISCES 2022), which was held at Tongji University in China.

    Their project focused on the use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in agriculture, focusing on data collection using affordable smart technology and drones.

    Zayed University congratulated the three outstanding students, Shamma Al Ghafri, Shamma Mohammed and Dana Al Dhaen, members of the “Ghaf” project team.

    “Ghaf” is the Arabic name for Prosopis cineraria, which holds a significant cultural and historical presence in the UAE. The ZU students’ project mirrors the nation’s forward-thinking objectives and ambitions regarding climate change, working towards safeguarding a sustainable future for coming generations.

    The AgriSensor Drone solution is a cost-effective technology that will help gather data about the plant’s overall health and, in turn, be an active deterrent of drought or disease. The technology adopts a special type of sensor that can gather reflectance information and project a digital image of the scene, plant vegetation stage, and leaf data.

    The sensor will be attached to agricultural drones, which can spot drought using AI, which may also be used to spray the general vegetation. The sensor will gather the data on a mini-computer and relay it back to the operator.

    Senior student, Al Ghafri said, “Based on our research, we found out that by 2025, scientists estimate that half of the world’s population will live in water scarcity regions. A major solution for this problem is to use Artificial Intelligence in the irrigation of crops to determine the optimal amount of water for crop growth without excess water use or wastage.”

    The International Student Conference on Environment and Sustainability (ISCES) has been successfully held for ten years by the United Nations Environment Programme and Tongji University since 2011. It has attracted over 3,000 international students from more than 50 countries to gather at Tongji University on World Environment Day.


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