Zain launches online campaign to reinforce environmental awareness in Kuwait

    27 Sep 2021

    Zain, the leading digital service provider in Kuwait, launched #ActivateYourRole, an online awareness campaign on its official social media platforms that aims at raising public awareness towards climate change, sustainability, and preserving natural resources, Kuwait Times states.

    Commenting on the new campaign launch, Zain Kuwait’s Chief Corporate Communications and Relations Officer Waleed Al-Khashti said: “We launched #ActivateYourRole as part of our corporate sustainability and social responsibility strategy towards the environment. Through this strategy, we are committed to building climate change scenarios that are aligned with the Paris Agreement (2015) to reduce carbon emissions and mitigate physical and environmental risks.”

    Khashti added: “Zain is well aware of the urgent need to tackle the climate crisis the world is facing today. To achieve sustainable growth, we must protect the environment and preserve its resources.”

    Khashti further explained: “We are keen on supporting any efforts that serve sustainability and environmental goals, as we believe this is a crucial topic that affects everyone. Zain’s social message seeks to tackle the most important issues and reinforce the role of individual efforts like preserving natural resources, decreasing consumption, recycling, and other concepts that will contribute to reducing the impacts of climate change.”

    Khashti continued: “Through this campaign, we use our social media platforms to spread facts that many people might not have heard of before. These facts show the shocking impacts of climate change on our health and on the environment around us. We hope this message encourages positive change and brings more efforts towards achieving sustainable goals in Kuwait.”

    Khashti concluded: “Our part does not stop at raising awareness and supporting environmental programs, but also extends to reducing our own footprint. Zain continues to exert more efforts into reducing the environmental footprint of its operations, including preserving natural resources, reducing energy consumption, recycling waste, implementing green solutions for water and electricity management, monitoring the company’s overall effects on climate change, and more.”

    Zain is keen on launching such initiatives that contribute to preserving Kuwait’s environment and encouraging volunteering, recycling, and taking part in social activities for all age groups within the community. The company will spare no effort to spread positive awareness for a better environmental culture in society.

    Throughout recent years, Zain took significant steps to tackle the impacts of its environmental footprint by setting several goals to lower carbon emissions, reduce waste, spread awareness, and identify the threats and opportunities related to climate change.

    In 2019, Zain became a team member responsible for tackling the impacts of climate change within the GSMA. The company’s long list of efforts in sustainability areas also led it to become a member of the Community Development Program (CDP), especially when it took the decisive step to reveal the impact of its operations on the climate, such as its energy consumption rates and greenhouse gases emissions. Zain successfully became a member of the CDP with an advanced B rating, making it the first telecom operator in the MENA region to receive this rating in combating climate change.

    Zain is committed to contributing to regional and international efforts to help with the policies and regulatory reforms, such as those stated as part of the Paris Accord that the United Nations drafted. This is done by setting goals to lower emissions, reducing waste, coordinating with Sustainability Developmental Goals (SDGs), and other joint efforts.

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