You’re young and want to help the UN? Climate Science Olympiad 2021 has started!

    29 Jun 2021

    Have you long dreamed of helping the UN achieve the goals of sustainable development? If you are 14-17 or 18-25 years old, then you can sign up at Climate Science Olympiad.

    Registration lasts until August 1, 2021; 5,000 teams will take part in the competition, and the prize fund is $10,000. If you do not fall into these age categories, but still want to help with the ClimateScience 2021 Olympics, you can become a judge.

    ClimateScience organizers write on their site that the project wants to make real long-term solutions to climate change actionable. They hope their way of covering solutions makes people excited to contribute to clean energy, sustainable agriculture, and other global-scale sustainability issues – beyond reusing their plastic bags.

    The project was found in 2019 by two students at the University of Cambridge. Now, they’ve got 126 volunteers from 26 countries, ranging from scientists to authors, graphic designers, programmers.

    Their content is used in schools around the world, and the organizers are aiming to make their way into official curricula. But students, professionals, and really anyone who wants to learn about solutions to climate change can do so through our free online courses.

    ClimateScience will soon also cover 5-10-year-olds with their book series around their character ‘Earthly’ falling ill with climate change and looking for a cure (the solutions) launching in 2020/21.

    Sound pretty much interesting, especially if you’re a parent to children curious about what’s happening with nature!

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