Work begins on turtle sanctuary in Ras al Jinz, Oman

    03 Aug 2021

    The Environment Authority (EA), with the support of the Omani Indian Fertiliser Company (OMIFCO), is implementing a project to develop a turtle sanctuary in Ras al Jinz at Ras al Hadd in South al Sharqiyah Governorate.

    The implementation of the project that started on July 25 is expected to be completed with 150 days by December 24, Oman Observer reports.

    The project to develop the turtle sanctuary in Ras al Jinz includes building a wall to protect turtles with a length of 450 meters, four viewing platforms, a circular walkway adjacent to the wall across 1,350 square meters, and three wooden canopies.

    The project aims to protect turtles and create a suitable environment for tourists, allowing them to watch turtles calmly and orderly without causing fear or disturbing the turtles or harming them. It will add to the aesthetic value of the site.

    The reserve, which was proclaimed by Royal Decree 25/96 issued on April 23, 1996, is one of the most important tourist destinations in the Sultanate visited by visitors from inside and outside the Sultanate.

    Apart from its popularity for the nesting of green turtles, the area is known for its quiet beaches and moderate weather throughout the year.

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