What we are reading today: Robot Ecology by Magnus Egerstedt

    02 Jan 2022

    Robots are increasingly leaving the confines of laboratories, warehouses, and manufacturing facilities, venturing into agriculture and other settings where they must operate in uncertain conditions over long timescales.

    According to the Arab News, this multidisciplinary book draws on the principles of ecology to show how robots can take full advantage of the environments they inhabit, including as sources of energy.

    Magnus Egerstedt introduces a revolutionary new design paradigm – robot ecology – that makes it possible to achieve long-duration autonomy while avoiding catastrophic failures.

    Central to ecology is the idea that the richness of an organism’s behavior is a function of the environmental constraints imposed by its habitat.

    Moving beyond traditional strategies that focus on optimal policies for making robots achieve targeted tasks, Egerstedt explores how to use survivability constraints to produce both effective and provably safe robot behaviors.


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