What should you do if you spot a dangerous wild animal? Dubai Police weighs in

    16 Dec 2021

    Dubai Police took to Twitter to advise people on what to do if they happened to spot any abandoned or potentially dangerous animals, Al Arabiya reports.

    The law in the United Arab Emirates prohibits the ownership, trade and breeding of dangerous animals.

    In the video posted to the police’s Twitter account stipulates that “whoever finds an abandoned or stray animal must immediately report the matter to the competent authorities” adding that the public can report such emergencies by calling them on 999 or by contacting the Ministry of Climate Change and Environment on 800-3050 or Dubai Municipality on 800-900.

    “Article (8) of Federal Law No.16 of 2016 stipulates that anyone who finds abandoned or stray dangerous animals shall immediately report the matter to the Ministry of Climate Change and Environment or Dubai Municipality,” the Dubai Police tweet read.

    Passed in 2017, a federal law regulates the ownership of dangerous animals by imposing fines of up to $136,128 (500,000 AED). This applies to the ownership of “domesticated, but dangerous” and wild animals.

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