Weather has gone mad: South Africa residents wake up to a white winters day, icy temperatures

    22 Aug 2021

    Everything in climate on a planetary scale is not as before. While there was a deadly heat in Canada, winter came to South Africa.

    The temperature was low, in some places the temperature has dropped to -14° C! Locals are not used to such conditions, so the body perceives the cold very sensitively.

    Snow has fallen in parts of Kimberley, the Northern and Eastern Cape, News24 reports.

     The snow has been brought on by extremely cold weather moving across the interior and a cold front has brought bitterly cold weather to several parts of the country.

    South Africans have taken to social media to share images of snowfall across the country’s interior.

    Residents of Kimberley were surprised to find themselves experiencing a white winter after snowfall in the Northern Cape city. Several areas in the Western Cape also received a dusting.

    South African Weather Service (SAWS) forecaster Lulama Theme said the snow has been brought on by a very strong weather system which is pushing cold air from the South Atlantic. This has caused freezing levels to reach land, turning falling rain into snow.

    Theme said the combination of such strong weather systems was reasonably unusual.

    “The weather systems must be very strong to cause snow like this to happen inland. It’s not very usual for it to happen in areas without mountains,” Theme said.

    So it makes no sense to deny human influence on changes in weather and climate in general. Each of our actions affects the environment. Therefore, every landfill, enterprise, car, plane – everything must function environmentally without leaving a carbon footprint.

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