UAE weather: fog to make way for sunny and hot day

    24 Mar 2022

    Fog descended on an area of the coast early on Tuesday and police in Abu Dhabi warned drivers to take care on the roads.

    The murky weather settled over a section of the coast between Abu Dhabi and Dubai.

    It is expected to lift by 9.30am, leaving a mainly sunny day.

    Temperatures will reach 33°C in Abu Dhabi city and 32°C in Dubai.

    It will be even hotter inland, with temperatures of up to 38°C in the south.

    Winds will be light to moderate and both the Arabian Gulf and Oman Sea will be calm.

    There will be similar conditions on Wednesday, with fair to partly cloudy skies and light to moderate winds. Temperatures will hit 37°C in Abu Dhabi and Dubai.

    It will remain hot for the rest of the week, reaching 37°C in Abu Dhabi and Dubai on Friday, before falling back to more pleasant temperatures in the high 20s at the weekend.



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