UAE takes part at IAEA’s First International Conference on Nuclear Law

    26 Apr 2022

    ABU DHABI, 26th April, 2022 (WAM) — A United Arab Emirates delegation is taking part in the First International Conference on Nuclear Law: the Global Debate, which is organised by the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) from 25th to 29th April 2022 in Vienna, Austria.

    The UAE’s delegation, headed by Ambassador Hamad Al Kaabi, the UAE Permanent Representative to the IAEA, is composed of representatives from the Federal Authority for Nuclear Regulation (FANR), Emirates Nuclear Energy Corporation (ENEC) and Nawah Energy Company.

    The conference will provide a global forum for leading global experts and nuclear lawyers working in national governmental entities, international and non-governmental organisations, academia and civil society to discuss and share experiences on topical nuclear law issues with a view to developing further the various areas of nuclear law and promoting international expertise in this field.

    “This conference is a unique opportunity for nuclear law experts and officials to meet and discuss nuclear law issues that we face today and in the future. Nuclear law is an ever-evolving field and it is important to address such issues on a timely basis to ensure the benefits of peaceful nuclear applications and technologies,” said Ambassador Hamad Al Kaabi, the UAE Permanent Representative to the IAEA.

    “The UAE has become a role model for nuclear newcomer countries in building and operating the first Arab nuclear power plant by developing an integrated and robust regulatory infrastructure that was integral towards achieving such a milestone,” Al Kaabi added.

    Earlier this year, Hamad Al Kaabi authored a chapter in the IAEA’s first-ever book, “Nuclear Law: The Global Debate”. Entitled “Nuclear Newcomer Countries The Path of the United Arab Emirates,” the chapter highlights the UAE’s experience and accomplishment in the development and regulation of its nuclear power programme, especially focusing on the milestones which are of interest for nuclear newcomer countries and the international community.

    Ambassador Al Kaabi will deliver two keynote speeches during the opening plenary session and during the “Nuclear New Build – Issues and Trends session,” where FANR’s Legal Affairs Department will also present the ‘UAE’s Perspective on the Role of Nuclear Lawyers in a Regulatory Body’.

    These will give an opportunity for the UAE to showcase how the successful development of the nuclear power programme has been effectively supported by a solid and comprehensive nuclear legislative framework building on the 2008 Policy on the Evaluation and Potential Development of Peaceful Nuclear Energy and composed of the founding nuclear legislation – the Federal Law by Decree No.6 of 2009 Concerning the Peaceful Uses of Nuclear Energy and the Federal Law by Decree No. 4 of 2012 Concerning Civil Liability for Nuclear Damage. Over time, this legislative framework has been complemented by a set of 23 regulations and 22 regulatory guides issued by FANR.

    The Conference will finally provide a forum to present the UAE’s Experience in Training Nuclear Lawyers in Legal Developee programme, sharing with the audience how FANR has established the first-of-its-kind training for nuclear lawyers in the UAE, designed to train UAE nationals in nuclear law and prepare them for employment in the Legal Affairs Department of FANR. The Legal Developee programme is part of FANR’s strategy to build long-term sustainability by developing Emirati talent in the nuclear energy sector and related fields.


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